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See the link to German Awards and Decorations. This will have photos of various military awards (for some of them, anyway). This link is a menu of awards and decorations that were given to the various branches and different purposes. You asked specifically for the various types of "crosses". The primary military award for Germany was the Iron Cross. It had several classifications: 3rd Class, 2nd Class and 1st Class. The Iron Cross 1st Class is the one that was worn on the pocket of the uniform(Hitler wore one that he earned for service in World War 1). The next higher award was the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, which was worn around the neck. The different classes of this award had an oak leaf attached above the cross and then crossed swords. A military cross was awarded for service that was rated below the Iron Cross. This medal was the War Merit Cross. It was bronze and came in various classes. It was also issued in a Knight's Cross class that was worn around the neck. This award was given for outstanding service that did not involve combat. Another cross award that some wore was the Poure le Merite (aka Blue Max) which was issued in World War 1 but still many officers wore it. Rommel and Goering both wore a Blue Max. Another cross was the Spanish Crossfor service in Spain in 1939. The Link will also list some of the Luftwaffe badges. These badges, such as the Pilot's badge, was worn on the pocket and indicated their position or training. Another Luftwaffe badge was used to designate Paratrooper. There are many other medals that you might see a Luftwaffe person wear. The link might help you identify them.

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When was Hitler awarded the iron cross?

He was awarded the cross in December, 1914.

What island was awarded George Cross?

malta was awarded the george cross

Which island was awarded the george cross for gallantry?

Malta was awarded the George Cross.

What was the Victoria Cross medal awarded for?

The Victoria Cross medal was awarded for great bravery on the battlefield.

Why was Hitler awarded the iron Cross in World War 1?

he wasn't awarded the iron cross award its a lie

How many people have been awarded the Victoria Cross?

The Victoria Cross has been awarded 1,356 times to 1,353 individuals.

Which island was awarded the George Cross?

Malta was awarded the George Cross and the medal is currently on display in the War Museum in Valletta.

What year was Sir Charles KingsfordSmith awarded the Military Cross?

It was awarded to him in 1917.

What year was Sir Charles Kingsford Smith awarded the Military Cross?

It was awarded to him in 1917

When was the Victoria Cross first awarded?

In 1856.

When is someone awarded a Navy Cross?

The Navy Cross is the second highest military medal for valor that is allowed to be awarded for extraordinary heroism in combat. The Navy Cross may only be awarded to a member of the United States Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps.

Which Canadian was awarded the Victoria cross in 1914?

No Canadian was awarded the VC in 1914. 6 were awarded for actions in 1915, but none for 1914.

What medals where awarded in world war 1?

the Iron cross was one of the medals awarded in ww1.

Who were the people awarded the Victoria cross?

The Victoria Cross is awarded to heros of Great Britain (although recipients are of many nationalities). List of recipients linked below

How many German soldiers won the top award of the Knight's Cross with Diamonds in World War 2 and are their names listed at some site on the web?

There were 7318 Knight's Cross won by German soliders, of these 144 were won by U-Boat members. If you go to and type into the search parameters " winners Iron Cross" you will come up with many hits and more information you can read. Twenty-seven Germans were awarded the Knight's Cross, with swords and "diamonds" on the Silver Oakleaves. One of those twenty-seven went on to receive the highest award of the Knight's Cross, with swords, "diamonds," and Gold Oakleaves. The winners were: Gold Oakleaves and "Diamonds": Erich R�del Stuka Pilot Silver Oakleaves and "Diamonds." Werner M�lders Luftwaffe Adolf Galland Luftwaffe Gordon McGollob Luftwaffe Han-Joachim Marseille Luftwaffe Hermann Graf Luftwaffe Erwin Rommel Army Panzer General Wolfgang L�th Navy U-Boats Walter Nowotny Luftwaffe Adalbert Schulz Army General Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz Panzer General Hermann Balck Army General Bernhard Ramcke Paratroop General Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer Luftwaffe Albrecht Brandi Navy U-Boat Herbert Gille SS General Hans Hube Army General Albert Kesselring Luftwaffe General (Army)* (see below) Helmut Lent Luftwaffe night fighter Sepp Dietrich SS General Walter Model Army General Erich Hartmann Luftwaffe Ferdinand Sch�rner Army General Hasso von Manteuffel Army General Theodor Tolsdorff Army General Dr. Karl Mauss Army General Dietrich von Saucken Army General ============================== While the requirements to earn the Knight's Cross could change, especially in the Luftwaffe, the following was used at one time: Submarines: Knights Cross for 100,000t sunk. Oakleaves added for 200,000t sunk - - - - - - - - Luftwaffe: 17 Kills = Knight's Cross 40 Kills = with Oakleaves 70 Kills = with Swords 100 Kills = with "Diamonds." John

What is a sentence for phosthumos?

he was awarded the victory cross phosthumosly

How many Americans were awarded the Iron Cross?


When was the distinguished flying cross first awarded?

The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) was first awarded on 11 June 1927 by US President Calvin Coolidge to Charles Lindbergh.

How many honor cross of the German mother were awarded during 1933 to 1939?

not many ... they were first awarded in 1939!

Was Dorie Miller awarded the Medal of Honor?

No he was not, but he did get awarded the navy cross which is the secord highest medal in the navy. Sincerly Reaper7924 To make it confusing, when Miller was awarded the Navy Cross it was the third highest decoration. The Distinguished Service Cross was second. After WWII the order was changed. Some historians contend that had Miller been white, he would have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

What is a 3D cross called?

Stereoscopic photos or movies.

What are the names of the women that have been awarded the Victoria Cross?


Why was the Victoria cross awarded?

great bravery on the battle filed

What is the highest military decoration awarded by Britain?

The Victoria Cross.

How many Canadians have been awarded the Victoria Cross?


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