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Are there photos of different types of cross awarded to Luftwaffe 1939 to45?



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See the link to German Awards and Decorations. This will have photos of various military awards (for some of them, anyway). This link is a menu of awards and decorations that were given to the various branches and different purposes. You asked specifically for the various types of "crosses". The primary military award for Germany was the Iron Cross. It had several classifications: 3rd Class, 2nd Class and 1st Class. The Iron Cross 1st Class is the one that was worn on the pocket of the uniform(Hitler wore one that he earned for service in World War 1). The next higher award was the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, which was worn around the neck. The different classes of this award had an oak leaf attached above the cross and then crossed swords. A military cross was awarded for service that was rated below the Iron Cross. This medal was the War Merit Cross. It was bronze and came in various classes. It was also issued in a Knight's Cross class that was worn around the neck. This award was given for outstanding service that did not involve combat. Another cross award that some wore was the Poure le Merite (aka Blue Max) which was issued in World War 1 but still many officers wore it. Rommel and Goering both wore a Blue Max. Another cross was the Spanish Cross for service in Spain in 1939. The Link will also list some of the Luftwaffe badges. These badges, such as the Pilot's badge, was worn on the pocket and indicated their position or training. Another Luftwaffe badge was used to designate Paratrooper. There are many other medals that you might see a Luftwaffe person wear. The link might help you identify them.