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Yes, there are several species of poisonous bugs in Jamaica. There are all kinds of poisonous bugs known all over the world.

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Ladybugs do sometimes bite but they are not poisonous at all. Ladybugs cannot harm you.

Yes if the bug that has bitten you is poisonous or not. If it is, then yes it can kill you. Also if you are allergic to the bug bite , it could kill you. Bee stings kill many people each year, due to their allergies to them, but there are antidotes to many poisonous, and non poisonous insects.

To identify the symptoms of a poisonous bug or insect bite from one that is innocuous, try to use an online resource such as to easily differentiate between harmful and benign bites.

No, bed bug bites don't kill you.

no its not poisonous, it only bites

Yes their bites are poisonous but not necessarily fatal. The bites are very painful.

It could be harmful, if: 1. the bug is poisonous 2. the bug bites you (or stings) 3. the bug is an endangered species and the park rangers catch you eating it. Other than that, it is protein so enjoy it.

Tarantula's actually are not poisonous to humans unless you area allergic to their bites, they are poisonous but tarantula bites are comparabe to bee stings unless you are allergic to the bites. Black Widows however are very poisonous and their bites can kill humans.

How long will the bed bug bites stay on your skin?

No bactroban should be used for minor bug bites only. Infected bug bites require more advanced medical treatments, especially for certain types of bites. If your bug bite is infected you should see a doctor.

the best thing to prevent bug bites and stings is to use dryer sheets and bug spray.

It depends on what type of insect the bites are from.

can bug bites cause high blood pressure

If a spider bites you and you get sick it is poisonous.

No, but some have poisonous slime on their skin.

Red bug bites are fairly easy to treat. Calamine lotion put over the bug bite, or essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil can help the bites.

Cat bites are not poisonous. Any animal bite, if left untreated, can cause infection.

The stings are, but not bites. Though they can still bite.

yes anything that has blood in it can get bites

Their bites are poisonous. Deadly poisonous.

No, they are not venomous.

Hey - bed bug bites tend to be on upperbody and flies lower body

Bed Bug bites are VERY itchy & leave ugly dark blemishes from the constant scratching.

Not everyone will react to bed bug bites, but for those who do, it could be considered an allergic reaction.

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