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Are there still myths and legends around today?


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July 17, 2010 2:20AM

Some like little kids in believen there are such things called unicorns. Some people think ghosts are real some don't. I believen them though.

Well, yes! How else did you think of this question?

This is what i have to add to ths Answer.


First off is you mean are there any Living legends around to day. Then it all depends on what you mean by that.

For example: As far as Unexplained Animals Well then The loch ness monster is said to still exists. It is said to be a Dinosaur still around from Prehistoric times. Scientist believe there is a passage from the Bottom of the loch leading out to the sea and the loch ness monster comes into the loch to Reproduce.

If your thinking along the lines of People i haven't hard of any men or woman still living that would count as a legend, However that doesn't mean there aren't any. Just that i am not aware of then.

Remember Legendary indicates that the person of thing in question exceeds Explanation.

Example. Hercules, A Man with unbelievable strength that could only be explained as this man being half man half God.

Or Dragons being an animal resembling a Lizard with a body the size of a house or bigger. This was explained as being the guardians of Gods or Gods them self's.

Of course if Dragons really did exist they were killed out long ago! that much i am sure of.

Hercules well there are surely Man of Equal strength around now. The defining thing about Hercules is that by looking at him you could not tell that he possessed such strength. The men that are in the World's Strongest Man events

Are men with hug body's and Balding muscles. It's clear by looking at then they could pound you into the ground with little effort. lol

As far as legends of past there are endless legends. To many to go over on this page lol A Legend is only a legend until is is proven Real AND Explained.

Good luck on your journey. :)