Are there tornadoes in Australia?

Australia is more prone to cyclones (the equivalent of hurricanes and typhoons) rather than tornadoes.
However, tornadoes conditions may develop with thunderstorms, and while they're not usually officially recognised as "tornadoes" and are far less destructive than the tornadoes that often strike the northern hemisphere equivalents. Tornadoes have been reported during storms in each of the states, from sub-tropical Queensland down to dry South Australia. In January 2013, a series of tornadoes ripped through southeast Queensland, badly damaging property in the towns of Burnett Heads, Bargara and Bundaberg. Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology indicates that, between 1795 and 2012, 1200 tornadoes have resulted in 28 deaths in Australia. However, the majority of these tornadoes are F0 on the Fujita scale, as they are in most places (See the related link below)

Overall, Australia has the second or third highest rate of tornadoes, behind the United States and, according to some sources, Canada.