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Where in nature do you find waxes?

u find waxes in nature by finding them

What are some functions of waxes in organisms?

Waxes are very important to the health of organisms. This is because waxes trap bacteria and pathogens before they can enter to body.

What are the monomers of waxes?

Waxes contain fatty acids, attached to long-chain alcohols.

What kind of lipid utilize in synthesis of rubber?


An antonym for the word wanes?

waxes.His political popularity waxes and wanes according to fickleness of the electorate.

What is fats waxes and oils?

The fats, oils, and waxes found in living things are known as lipids.

Fats oils and waxes are examples of what?

Fats, Oils, and Waxes are all substances classified as Lipids.

What is lipid formulation?

organic compounds the fats,oils, waxes organic compounds the fats,oils, waxes

Types of lipids include what other than fats and waxes?

Lipids include oils, fats, and waxes.

Identify an important characteristic of waxes in living things?

an important characteristic of waxes in living things is that waxes can be produced in living things (if the organism is dead it cant produce waxes). SOme important characteristics include the smell, amount, its matabolism, and bio sucks CA all the way

What are functions of waxes in organisms?

Waxes can serve many different purposes for different organisms. In plants waxes help prevent water loss. Waxes make insects chitin impermeable .It protects leaves from abrasive damage . It makes some birds e.g. ducks water proof .

Plural for wax?


Waxes are highly?


What are fats waxes and oils are all also known as?

Fats, waxes and oils are all also known as lipids.

Fats oils waxes and steroids are collectively called?

Fats, oilds, waxes, and steroids are collectively called lipids

What is the chemical formula of wax?

Many types of waxes are known; and waxes are mixtures and only rarely a single compound.

What is the functional group present in waxes?

im pretty sure its lipids Correction^^^^: I pretty sure lipids are molecules that consists as waxes as well as fatty acids, Ester is a functional group that contains waxes

Is wax natural or man made?

Several waxes are produced by animals and plants, as beeswax and other; but many types of waxes (this is a large class of organic chemicals called waxes) are extracted from petroleum - but petroleum is also a natural product ! Also true artificial waxes exist, obtained from polyethylene.

What makes fats oils and waxes?

Fats and oils contain long chain esters of glycerol. Very large ones can be waxes, but many other compounds make waxes, including long chain alkanes.

How do plants and animals make use of the nonpolar property in waxes?

Plants use the property in waxes as a sealant, and a water-proof.

When the moon waxes the sunlight portion gets?

when the moon waxes, the portion that we can see appears to get bigger, but it actually stays the same.

What is the principal use for petroleum waxes?

hese waxes, which include paraffin wax and petrolatum, are used primarily in paper manufacturing;

An example of lipids?

Fats and waxes

What do they call someone who waxes?

An esthetician.

Where do you use waxes?

Brazilian waxing