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Are they making a Snow buddies 2?

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No they are not making a snow buddies 2 unfortanetly

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What is snow buddies rated?

Snow Buddies (2007) is rated G.

What is the duration of Snow Buddies?

The duration of Snow Buddies is 1.45 hours.

When was Snow Buddies created?

Snow Buddies was created on 2008-02-05.

Witch movie is better air buddies or snow buddies?

i think it is snow buddies because there is a new dog in that one movie that helps the buddies.

What are all the Disney buddies films called?

Air Buddies, Snow Buddies Santa Buddies, Spooky Buddies

Was the Shasta on Snow Buddies a male or female?

In Snow Buddies Shasta Is A Male husky Puppy. :)

What are all the Buddies movies?

The Buddies movies are; Snow Buddies Santa Budies Space Buddies Air Buddies and The Retrievers

What are all the air buddies movies in order?

air buddiessnow buddiesspace buddiessanta buddiesspooky buddiestresure buddies

How many air buddy movies are there?

So Far, there has been 6 Buddies Movies. These are:Air BuddiesSnow BuddiesSpace BuddiesSanta BuddiesSpooky BuddiesTreasure BuddiesThere is also a rumor for the 6th installment of the Buddies films, Spy Buddies.

Where do you find snow buddies adventure on poptropica?

The "Snow Buddies" adventure was an advertising game previously appearing on the islands.

What is the movie Snow Buddies about?

The movie Snow Buddies is a continuation of the Air Bud series of films by Disney. This time, the dogs or buddies as they refer to themselves, are in Alaska. They compete in a dog sled race, while making friends and try to make their way back home after the many adventures they find themselves in.

What are all the air buddies movies name?

Air buddies(2006) snow buddies(2008) space buddies(2009) santa buddies(2009) spooky buddies(2011) Treasure buddies(2012)

What kind of dog was in snow buddies?

husky but i dont know the other 2 types

What is the mother and father called of the 5 pups on air buddies snow buddies and space buddies?

buddy and molly

How many buddies films are there going to be?

Probably 6 :) I've seen almost all of them and I'm actually watching one now, Aha.1. Air Buddies2. Space Buddies3. Spooky Buddies4. Snow Buddies5. Treasure Buddies6. Santa BuddiesNot in order :) ^I hope i helped :D

What is the husky's name on snow buddies?


What is the name of the mom in snow buddies?


Does Cole Sprouse play anyone in Snow Buddies?


Who plays Shasta on snow buddies?

Dylan sprouse

What kind of dogs in snow buddies?

Labrador Retrievers

Who is the other dog from Snow Buddies?

Shasta. :3

What are the names of the buddies in snow buddies space buddies and air bud?

budderball , b dawg , buddha , mud bud , rose bud <3 haha

What are the dogs names in snow buddies?

The names of the puppies from "Buddies" or "Snow Buddiesare: Rosebud, Budderball, Buddha, B-dawg and Mudbud. All of the adorable puppies are following the steps of their parents, Molly and Buddy or sometimes going a bit too far! :]

Where do you find pictures of snow buddies?

look on google in images

Who plays Adam in Snow Buddies?

Dominic Scott kay

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