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Q: Are torque converters interchangable from tranny to tranny?
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Why mark driveplate to torque converter before taking engine out?

On some torque converters/flexplates the mounting holes are not evenly spaced.On some torque converters/flexplates the mounting holes are not evenly spaced.

When install and automatic transmission in a truck do you need to put the torque convertible in the fly wheel first or you need to attached to the transmition first?

Put tranny up then install the torque converter to tranny first , NOTE : Make sure when installing the torque converter to the tranny that you can only slide your middle finger in bettween the tranny and torque converter , if the torque converter is not all the way in, the torque converter will tare up the tranny shaft.

Will a 97 Dodge 318 trans work in a 97 Dodge 360 trans?

The transmissions should be the same, but the torque converters are different.The transmissions should be the same, but the torque converters are different.

Who assembles torque converters for GM?


Where are the torque converter bolts on a 64' grand prix?

On the torque converter. Do a Google search and read about torque converters.

Does a manual transmission have a torque converter?

No, a manual transmission uses a clutch. Torque converters are used on automatic transmissions.

Where can I find information about torque converters on the Internet?

A good way to find information about torque converters is on Wikipedia. The site,, tells you what they are, what they do, signs to look for if they are malfunctioning, as well as a list of manufacturers.

What are the torque specs for 1992 dodge shadow?

What torque specs do you need? Also, what size is your motor and manual or auto tranny?

Deca newton-meter of torque?

The deca Newton meter of torque is 0.1 to one Newton meter. In relation to the kilo meter of torque, it is .001. Many converters are available online for torque measurements.

How do you change a torque converter on a 350 transmission?

take the tranny out and pull the converter out of the front of the tranny and put new converter in and make sure you hear it click twice when putting it back onto the tranny and reinstall tranny.

How do you remove a t f from torque converter?

Some torque converters have a drain plug, others do not. With no drain plug the torque converter can be stood on its end once removed to drain it.

Should there be tranny fluid in the torque converter on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?