Are unexplained phone calls a sign of cheating?

In and of themselves, they aren't a reason to conclude that he is cheating, but combined with other things, they could be.

If your husband is normally completely open and trusting, sharing everything with you, then they are definitely a reson to wonder. If he's the kind of person that likes a little space, however, then you could be overreacting. Some people are very open and trusting and tell their spouses everything. Others need space and want to have some "secrets," even if they're harmless ones. Sometimes I want to talk to the phone with my sister and I just don't want my husband within earshot. It's usually just girl talk or family stuff and it never has anything to do with him............ You know your husand more than anyone else. If you're still in doubt, hire a private detective.

while unexplained phone calls may actually be a sign of cheating they may also be a sign of a common occurance known as a "wrong number" in which a caller, likely having no connection whatsoever to anyone in your home dials your number and believes it is the number of another person. This event is actually a coincidence but at times it has been known to cause emotional distress in people who are emotionally undeveloped

I would say that if you are questioning this, then, your gut instinct is probably telling you that something is not right. Usually if we suspect something is going on it probably is. According to a PI friend of mine he has filled me in on so much of the stories and cases he has done. If you are feeling this then follow your gut and get him checked out. Either way you will get your answer. Your husband doesn't need to know.

yes, wrong numbers are always a cheating spouse's partner, as well as so-called legitimate phone calls from political candidates or lonmg distance providers.

Well, in my opinon it really depends on what type of the phone call because it can be just a wrong number. To be specific, if the person who is calling mentions your spouses name and talks about very explicit things than that is a huge sign that your spouse is probable cheating on you. But, in some cases it can be a prank call made by another person. But, in any case, it really depends. This is my opinon on this particular subject.