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Are vegetarians evil?

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No, to be vegetarian does not equate evil nor does to be a meat eater equate evil; they are just diets to go by.

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Are Mormons evil because they are not vegans or even vegetarians?

No, Mormons are evil for entirely different reasons apart from not being vegans or even vegetarians. Actually evil is a very personal sort of thing. Some Mormons are evil, the ones who have committed murders, for example, but most Mormons are law abiding citizens trying to make their way in the world just like everybody else.

Was modern astronomy begun by astronomers?

No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?

In vegetarians the RDA is higher for?

The RDA does not change for vegetarians/non vegetarians.

Can vegetarians eat poultry foods?

Vegetarians can eat birds but then they are not vegetarians any more. Some vegetarians eat eggs.

Can vegetarians eat seafood?

No. Vegetarians do not eat fish. Vegetarians do not eat any animals.

Who are non-vegetarians?

Omnivores and carnivores.

Are chinchillas vegetarians?

yes they are striched vegetarians

Vegetarians who eat non-vegetable occasionaly are known as?

Semi-vegetarians, or "mostly" vegetarians.

Why is it especially important that vegetarians eat a varied diet?

For vegetarians get all their nutrients from plants and dairy products. Unlike vegetarians, the non-vegetarians get a lot of nutrients from the meat. Hence the vegetarians are supposed to have a more balanced diet.

Do vegetarians eat gravy or stock?

not strict vegetarians.

Is the RDA for vegetarians higher than for non vegetarians?


Can vegetarians eat drumstick lollies?

there not suitable for vegetarians

Who is the patron saint of vegetarians?

There is no patron saint of vegetarians.

Are teddy bear hamsters vegetarians?

No they are not hamster vegetarians

Are vegetarians routinely thinner then non vegetarians?


What foods are not eaten by semi-vegetarians?


Are Sunni vegetarians?

No. They are not necessarily vegetarians unless they want to be.

Do vegetarians eat poultry?

Vegetarians do not eat poultry. Poultry falls under the category of meat, which vegetarians do not eat.

Is Brocciu cheese suitable for vegetarians?

Yes for vegetarians; no for vegans.

Are there vegetarians in Cuba?

As far as I know, there are vegetarians in every country.

Are scallops suitable for vegetarians?

No. Vegetarians do not eat any shellfish.

Do vegetarians eat salmon?

No. Salmon are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

Do vegetarians French kiss?

yes vegetarians French kiss

Are African forest elephants vegetarians?

all elephants are vegetarians

What are vegetarians called that don't eat eggs?

Lacto vegetarians.

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