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Vegetarians can eat smoked salmon and they will still be a vegetarian. There are different types of vegetarians for example vegan vegetarians which eat nothing that comes from a animal and no dairy products.

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Q: Can vegetarians eat smoked salmon
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Related questions

Do vegetarians eat salmon?

No. Salmon are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

Is all salmon smoked?

Not all salmon is smoked. Some are not smoked.

Do you put mayonnaise in smoked salmon pasta?

No, smoked salmon pasta is basicly pasta, smoked salmon and cream.

Is it dangerous to eat smoked salmon all the time?

100 gram smoked salmon contains 3 gram natrium . This is the daily amount you need .

Can dogs eat smoked salmon Nova Lox?

They can. salmon is good for dogs. However, the salt content in most smoked salmon is quite high. Therefore, dogs should not have much of it.

Can cats eat smoked salmon?

yes it doesnt matter if its smoked salmon sientist langer mouchger told me its ok we are really good friends and he has lots of cats and has one that is 21 years old and he eats smoked salmon.

Do you have to cook cold smoked salmon or can you eat it raw?

If it is smoked then it is no longer raw... Its just cold. It is ok to eat cold smoked salmon. Smoking the fish actually makes it keep longer. In most cases it is ok to eat salmon raw as well... But it has to be fresh, never frozen and obviously not rotten at all.

Is it safe to eat wild pacific salmon?

Yes it can be vary nutritional if smoked.

Can pregnant women eat smoked salmon?

Yes, as long as it is well cooked.

Does smoked salmon have nitrates?

Processed and smoked fish such as smoked salmon and smoked tuna sometimes contain amounts of sodium nitrite.

Did the inuit eat smoked salman?

they only eat smoked salmon in the winter because they seasoned it a long time ago and it is now salty and smoked but they cook it in another pan anyway

Can you get sick from eating mouldy smoked salmon?

Don't eat it. There must be something else you could eat; salmon with mold should be tossed away.

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