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Vinyl pools are generally "pretty good"! Tens of thousands of people have vinyl-lined pools (both above and below ground) and enjoy them completely. There are pros and cons of both vinyl and gunnite lined pools. I would suggest that you talk to several pool builders and pool owners of each kind to get an idea of the relative merits of both.

I have a vinyl pool and wouldn't have any other. The bottom is so soft on your feet. The kids can play in the pool for hours and hours and have no problem with their feet. It is slightly less expensive to build and to replace the liner (maybe about 10 years) is not nearly as expensive as replastering/repairing gunnite. The only reason I see that people I know get gunnite is there seems to be more prestige to it than vinyl. One woman said to me once about one of her neighbors that had gunnite, "Oh she has a real pool". Don't listen to her, vinyl is great, my liner is beautiful and it's less expensive.

Live in Texas and have had inground vinyl pool for 19 years - have replaced liner twice - cost about $ 1500 8 years ago to replace. Now need some work done on coping (pulling loose)and fiberglass steps need refurbishing. If I can find someone to do repairs at reasonable cost will keep pool. Received quote of $30 + a few days ago to replace with gunite pool. Have enjoyed our vinyl pool. We winterize and shut it down in Sept and open back up May or June and therefore do not have the cost of running the pump during that time. The water is crystal clear when we remove the cover to reopen.

My brother has owned a vinyl pool for 20 years and never had any problem with it. It is just as beautiful as any "supposedly real" pool. I've only had my liner for 4 years and it's doing quite well.

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Q: Are vinyl pools pretty good or are they nightmares?
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