Are vinyl shower rod covers still available?

8/15/09 I ordered one from McClendon's online this spring and just ordered another. No problems with the service or quality. The price was only $3.99, but the shipping was $11.36. A bit pricey, but I could only find quantities of 12 elsewhere.

5/25/09: I found them at Anna's Linens in lots of colors and they were only 99 cents each! I have several more metal closet bars that need to be covered so I am thrilled to know where I can get them. They are not quite as thick as the one I bought at Walmart many years ago, but they work to keep my hangars from screeching across the metal!

5/25/09 - None of the places listed below carry the shower rod covers anymore, not even McLendon's (at least it's no loner available on their website). However, there is good news: Space Age Plastics, Inc. has them in 18 different colors for just $2.50 each. But, the "catch" is that you have to order a minimum of six. The nice thing is that you can mix-and-match colors. The website link is

5/6/09 I checked all of these places listed here and the only place I found them was McLendon's Hardware...still $1.99! Thanks, I've been looking for awhile now.

6/23/08 Bought some today at McLendon's Hardware, online. $1.99 each, and reasonable shipping. They offered quick and friendly customer service. I'll add a P.S. if this order doesn't go smoothly. Otherwise, assume it was uneventful.

Recently bought one at Home Depot in their bathroom section. Also found on-line by googling "shower rod covers".

5/11/08 Update. I have looked at Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens 'N Things, Walmart, Target, The Great Oudoors, Sears, True Value, Ace Hardware, Ebay and Googled "shower rod covers" All I can find is a couple sites online that require you to purchase a minimum of 12 or 24. I think its safe to say that you can't buy them retail any longer. Which is a shame!

8/30/08 Update: I just purchased a black cover at Bed Bath & Beyond for $1.49.

I was/am looking for a chrome one if anyone comes across it.

Found them for $5.00 @


7/14/2010 I just called Anna's Linens in Greenville SC and they HAVE them!!!!!!!!