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Are water treatment plants safe?


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September 12, 2011 3:24PM

Be truthful, 100 chemicals! No, water treatment plants do not add 100 chemicals to the water. Many of the chemicals are in the water naturally, collected as it passes through the earth to natural basins then on to rivers and lakes. True, Chlorine is not a natural chemical and it isn't present in raw water, but it has been in use to disinfect water fo 100 years. Floride is a natural chemical and is present in some natural water. In truth if one drinks water with a fluoride content that is to high it will turn ones teeth black. So the addition of fluoride to some water is not needed, but the removal of flouride to bring it down may be needed. Fluoride in large doses can kill, but a water treatment plant may use 20 pounds to treat 12 million gallons of water. The addition of fluoride to water has been going on for over 50 years. The Chlorine content of the water to your house will depend on how far you live from the treatment plant. Do not confuse chlorine with tri-chloromines.

Did you take the water sample that was tested or was it taken by a certified operator? There is a proper way of taking a sample. Did it come from a kitchen sink or the toilet bowl?

Also most states require testing done by an outside lab other than the city's own lab. These results are published, just check with your state health department. You might also check out the results of your favorite restaurant's health department rating. You might just change your favotite restaurant if you do.

If you are asking whether the water from the treatment plant is safe, then I have a few words of warning: There is growing evidence that the chemicals that are added to our drinking water is not as safe as they have been telling us. Chlorine and fluoride are considered to be potentially dangerous if ingested in large doses. If you take either of them in a large enough quantity it will kill you. The problem is that there isn't enough information about what it does to you in smaller quantities. I believe that they are still potentially harmful and can lead to cancer.


Not no, but hell no. The water from local water treatment plants are getting dirtier every day. Mostly to sub contracting of the job. If you are on a city or other water system, do yourself a favor and get your water tested by an independent party. I did mine and found out that my chlorine was twice the amount in the average pool. I also found out that human fecal (human waste) was evident in my everyday drinking supply. Local municipalities add up to 100 chemicals to your wqter supply, without your knowledge. This is in addition to the normal 100 chemicals foiund there. Be safe, at least get a water filtration system like a Brita, or Pur . They both work good, but still lack a bit. aif you can, get a reverse osmosis water filtration and a 0% , that means NONE, particulates per million. This will remove all extra minerals and solids from your drinking supply.