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i think it isn't about the good and bad luck but of what you do to yourself

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Q: Are year of the tiger lucky?
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Is 2011 a lucky year for those who were born under year of the tiger?

yes,under year of tiger

What is the lucky color of cat in year 2010?

Green is the lucky colour in the Year of the Tiger, 2010.

What is the lucky charm for year 2010?

i love to say that the lucky sign this year maybe is the diamond,,,

What is the lucky color for year 2010?

The lucky color of the year is orange and turquoise.

What is the lucky color for those born in the year of the tiger?

orange I think, did a bit of research!

Lucky colors for those who born on 1986?

!986 is the Chinese zodiac Year of the Tiger... Tiger's Colours are - orange, dark gold

When was The Lucky Ones - Pride Tiger album - created?

The Lucky Ones - Pride Tiger album - was created in 2007.

What is the lucky color for 2012 for those born in the year of the goat?

Green is the lucky color for goats in 2010

Lucky color for the birth September 30 1986 for 2009?

Tuesday, September, 30 1986 - Libra Chinese year of the Tiger, Native American year of the Raven. Your lucky day is Friday. Your lucky number is 6. Your ruling planet(s) is Venus. Your lucky dates are 6th, 15th, 24th. Your lucky colours are: Libra; Deep red, Green, Night Blue, Primary colours, Purple, Shocking pink. Tiger; Orange, Dark Gold. Raven; Blue.

What are the element balance and lucky colors for the year of the Tiger?

Element: Wood Balance: Yang Colours: Orange & Dark Gold

What was the last year they made Lucky Tiger for hair and scalp in a bottle?

As far as I know they still make it. You can order it at

What is the lucky number for 2011?

The lucky number tips can be base on your birth year animal - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Do, Chicken, Dog and Pig.