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Yes, you are a legal resident of USA if you have a green card. I believe the next step after green card is citizenship, which is given after 5-7 years of continuous living in the USA.

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Can a Green Card Holder own a gun in Indiana?

It is possible for a legal resident alien to own a firearm in the United States.

What can you be deported for?

you can be deported if you dont have a visa or legal documents stating that you are a resident of the united states.

I just came from Ghana for a visit but I have the interest of joining the US army, but unfortunately I am not a legal resident in the US, thus I don't have Social Security number and a green card. Can I still join the army?

If you are not a legal resident of the United States then no you may not join the army.

What does a green card holder need to enter Canada and reenter the United States?

No visa is required to re-enter the USA if one is in legal status/permanent resident in USA

What are the requirements to obtain Puerto Rico drivers license?

Be a resident of Puerto Rico. Have an American citizenship or be a legal resident of United States and territories.

How long must you have been a legal resident of the US before you can vote?

In order to vote obviosly you need to be registered with the states in which you reside. A potential voter must be a citizen of the United States and a legal resident for at least 30 days in the states in which you have registered.

Which country support the person who is unable to fulfill their basic needs?

The United States is one country but you have to live there or have be a legal resident of it.

If UK resident and get married in US is it legal in UK?

Answer If you get married in the States it would be legal in the UK but not in the States as you need what's called a Green Card to live and reside in the United States and I believe that the only way you can get that card is to apply for it from the UK as you can't apply for that card while on a visitors pass, you have to apply for it from your country of orgin.

Can a legal resident travel outside the US?

Yes you can if you have a Green Card.

What is the difference between a legal alien and a permanent resident?

A permanant resident I believe is somebody here with a green card a legal alien is somebody here on a visa!

What does a senator have to have to be a senator?

To become a United States Senator, a person must 1)Be thirty years of age or older, 2)Be a United States citizen for at least nine years, and 3)Be a legal resident of the state which they represent.

You are a US citizen and marry out of country and your spouse is not a US citizen?

You can apply for Diversity Visa Lottery Program for your spouse. Also, you can get spouse visa for her/him initially (if s/he is not in US presently). Once s/he is here you can go for the Green Card process. The United States Green Card Lottery, also known as Diversity Visa Lottery program is an official program to issue legal United States Green Cards through a lottery system. This program was introduced in the year 1990 by United States Government to promote diversity in the United States by giving chance or to be more specific, providing an alternative way to citizens of other countries to obtain United States permanent resident visas or green cards. Every year, United States Diversity Lottery Program makes green cards available to approximately 50,000 eligible people.

When can you apply for us citizenship after green card?

Applicants applying for US Citizenship must have maintained continuous residence in the United States for at least five years immediately preceding the applicant's filing for citizenship with immigration Form N-400. Continuous residence is not the same thing as physically being present in the United States. An applicants must maintain status as a legal permanent resident (green card holder), but does not necessarily have to be physically in the United States to accomplish this.

What is the difference between a legal resident and a US citizen?

U.S. Citizen- A natural-born citizen or someone who became a citizen after living in the U.S. for 5 years and completing all of the requirements of the United States government.Legal resident- Someone who acquired all of the necessary visa's/passports from there home country to come to the United States and is here legally and/or is in the process of becoming a citizen.

What makes you as a legal resident of a state?

you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 you are considered a legal resident once you are 18 Age of majority maintaining residency in the state

Do you have to renew a expired green card?

Per immigration law, YES you have to renew the green card to be a legal resident.

Is glaucine legal?

glaucine is legal in the united states

What are the top legal jobs in the United States?

The top legal job in the United States is to be a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Judges of any type though qualify for a top legal job title.

Can a legal alien marry an alien?

If by "legal alien" you mean a "resident alien" (i.e., a foreigner with permission to live in the United States) and by "alien" you mean any alien, whether legal or illegal (undocumented), then the answer is yes. Generally, there is no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. What effect the marriage will have on the immigration status of the parties involved is another question.

If a non legal resident marries a legal resident does that make that person legal?

Yes, If a non Legal resident marries a Legal resident,he or she are judged to be Legal resident of that country. They can have their Spouse VISA.So that can make them live happily and together forever.

Is a Mexican passport a legal form of id for employment?

Yes, but only in Mexico, not in the United States. You will need either a US passport or a green card/work permit to work in the United States.

How many states has Barack Obama lived in?

He has been a legal resident of two states, Hawaii and Illinois. He went to college in California, New York and Massachusetts but I do not if these states considered him to be a resident.

If you person with legal residency gets married to a us citien are they now a citizen?

No, in order for you to become a legal citizen of the United States you must be a legal resident that has been living in this country for at least two years before you can apply for your citizenship.

What legal right does a husband have over his wife's inheritance?

In the United States- none.In the United States- none.In the United States- none.In the United States- none.

What is the highest legal authority in the United States government?

the United States Supreme Court

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