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Q: Are you able to take care of roly pollies?
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Is it possible to take care of a roly-poly?


Do Rollie pollies like music?

Well i have aton of rollie pollies they are really fun to take care of and,rollie pollies do like music because one time i had brandy and candy two of my rollie pollies and then they both just went crazy they crawled as close as they could get and then they both just layed there.The end

What do rolli pollies eat?

Rollie pollies eat plants

Does a cheetah take care of its baby?

yes they take care of them until they are able to defend themselves

How do you take care of roly polys?

get a clear box, fill it with dirt, poke holes in it (unless if it already has holes) put things maybe you found the roly poly in like grass or something, keep it somewhere in the house or outside, make sure the soil is mouisture, ask your parents permission. and there you go! your own roly poly home!

What do you do when roly poly's are sick?

take it to the vet or it might die

How do you take care of rollie pollies?

You need to get a box and fill it with grass,leaves,dirt,and a tiny bit of water.don't pull them of each other because that's how they mate.Also if they get to hot,they die.

Who is a caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who take care of a resident,a person who is caregiver must be able to adapt to patient and their belonging and be able to take care of client physically, emotionallyand u most have a act of care.

Can you move out legally at the age of seventeen with a family besides your parents in Georgia?

I think you should be able cause you are able to take care of yourself well i know i can I think you should be able cause you are able to take care of yourself well i know i can

Do Anahi have a child?

No, she has a band and wouldn't be able to take care of her child

How old do you have to be to get a reptile?

You can be any age as long as you are able to take care of it...

Who is the Roly Poly king your two year old niece thinks you are the Roly Poly king Should you take this as an insult or a compliment?

I think you should probably take it as a complement she or he might mean it as a good thing or a bad thing at least you have a new nickname The Roly Poly King. Thats good right?

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