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The little information i have found out about that is depending on what state but most states you can live on you own when your 16. im not sure if you have to have you parents perrmission or not but if they say no you may get amansappatted... sorry my spellings crappy. if you find out more information email me @ my question is relavent No, the age of legal majority in most states is 18, in Alabama and Nebraska it is 19 in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. There are some states that have a legal process for early emancipation of a minor who is at least 16 years of age. For more specific information you can consult the laws of your state or contact the clerk of the juvenile or family court in the county where you reside.

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Q: Are you allowed to live by yourself when you are 16?
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How old do you have to be to home school yourself?

Where i live its at least 16.

Is it legal for a 16 year old girl to live with her 27 year old boyfriend in England?

Yes, at the age of 16 you are allowed to move out if you want in the UK but that is only if you take care of yourself and not causing harm. Then they can make you go back home.

Can you emancipate yourself at age 16 or 17from foster parents?

You can not emancipate yourself but in most states you can seek emancipation by the court when you are 16. You have to fill the criteria when it comes to supporting yourself, school and getting a place to live etc.

You will be 16 in Sept your grandfather has custody you want to live with your Mother can you ask now to go live with her or do you have to wait till you turn 16 you live in Texas?

Your mother will have to request a change of custody. You cannot do it yourself.

Can a foster child who is 16 decide to move back home in Maine?

Only if the court allows you to. As a minor you are not allowed to decide for yourself.

What is the minimum age for airsoft guns in Michigan?

16 to buy one yourself (I live in detroit)

You are 17 and want to get emancipated from your parents?

First of all, you must live in a state were you can get emancipation. Only about half the states allow it. If you live in a state where it is allowed, you will have to show the court that you can support yourself, take care of yourself and not be a burden on society.

How old do you have to be to emancipate yourself?

Depends on where you live. The age to seek emancipation with the court is usually 16 but can be younger. You will have to have a place to live and be able to pay your bills, have a job etc.

When a 16 year old becomes a mother is emancipated?

No, the only thing different is that you are allowed to make medical decisions regarding yourself and your child.

Is diy allowed in scrabble?

No. Abbreviations are not allowed in Scrabble. DIY = Do It Yourself

When you are 16 can you move out on your own in North Carolina?

In the United States you have to be 18 years old in order to live by yourself.

Can you decide to live by yourself at the age of 17?

yes you can. In Australia the legal age, with parental consent, you can move out at 16.

How old do you need to be to be allowed to have legal rights?

You have legal rights from birth. If you mean regarding custody and decide who to live with, you have to be 18 to decide by yourself.

Can a married pregnant 16 year old receive independent living?

Here the answer is no firstly you are a minor secondly you are pregnant so you will not be allowed to stay by yourself anywhere.

When your 16 year old has her baby is she a legal adult in the state of Indiana?

No, the only thing different is that you are allowed to make medical decisions regarding yourself and your child.

Im 16 how do you get emancipated if your parents won't let you live on your own?

If they won't let you live on your own, it stands to reason that they aren't going to approve your emancipation. You will have to convince the court (if emancipation is allowed in your state) that you can take care of yourself (food, shelter, schooling) and that you are better off on your own than with your parents. These are pretty hard to prove.

Can you move out at 16 in the state of Michigan of your have a safe place to live?

Only with parental permission until you are 18. Then you can decide for yourself.

Can you leave parents house without permission at 16 and live with a relative over 21 in Minnesota?

Only if you emancipate yourself.

When you turn 16 are you legally aloud to move out of home and go live with your dad?

In the US; No, you are not allowed to decide where to live until you are 18yo. Up until then it is up to your parents to decide.

Can a 16 year old decide which parent he wants to live with regardless of who has custody?

No. A minor is not allowed to decide, it's the parents or the court.

Am I allowed to move out of my step mother's house if I am 16?

It depends on the laws where you live. Discuss this with your father and mother, or your court representative.

Can mom get in trouble if she allowed 16 yr old son's girlfriend to live with and share bedroom with 16 yr old girlfriend and now 16 yr old is pregnant?

Yes, and so could the girl's parents.

If you are 16 and live in Illinois and want to move in with your mom in Missouri without your dad's permission how can you get emancipated?

What you've described is a custody issue, not an emancipation issue (emancipation means that you live on your own and support yourself). Mom needs to petition the court for custody. At your age you'd be allowed to state who you would rather live with, and the judge will take your wishes into consideration when making the final decision.

Are Christians allowed to live together before marriage?

Yes, they are allowed to live together. They are not however, allowed to have intercourse until they are married.

If a 16 year old child lives with his mother in New York but wants to live with his father also in New York what steps need to be taken?

You are not allowed to decide this for yourself until you are 18 so you need your parents permission and they will have to go to court and have the custody agreement changed.