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No because thinking about that may lead men to think about what they could do with a bigger penis (sex etc.)

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How can you make your penis big temporarily?

By getting an erection. This is when you get sexually excited. You may be able to do this by rubbing your penis, called masturbation.

Can you tell how big a penis will get?

No, it depends on the person, some guys have a large flaccid penis which doesn't grow upon erection it just hardens, other guys have a tiny flaccid penis which grows alot upon erection, it just depends on the guy.

Why does your penis get big when you see a hot chick?

that's called an erection, it means you're turned on.

How big does your penis grow after having sexual intercores?

Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

How big would a penis be by age like 11 12 13 and so on?

im 12 and my penis is (7 and a half) inches long when i get an erection ----

Is 3.5 inches perfect size of 22 years old boys penis?

It is not the question of perfect. The question is why are some people are taller than others. The same goes for your penis. At 22, some may have penis as long as 7 inches. What is important here is your penis can get an erection and satisfy a woman. What is the point of having a big penis but cannot satisfy?

What is the problem having erections when in the nude with family with my 9 inch penis but when my dad's penis is erect there is no problem and it is 4 inches shorter?

I'd guess it's two things, your folks dislike thinking of their son in a sexual way, you pop wood that's very sexual and not something they like thinking about as I'm sure you dislike thinking of you parents sexually, the second is you're bigger than your dad, for men size is everything and being smaller then your son is humiliating, when you get a erection that makes it very clear how big you are. You should not be parading around in the nude with a 9" erection as this is obscene, no matter what the situation is, put it away out of sight.

Who was the slave on Rome with big penis?

In mythology, the guy with the huge penis was a man named Priapus, and he is what a priapism is named after. A priapism is a condition where an erection won't go away.

How big will my penis be with Viagra?

Viagra does not change the size of your body parts. It just causes you to have an erection which may last for several hours.

Does having big feet mean a guy has a big penis?

Nope. All it means is you've got big shoes.

Do girls worry about having big vagina's?

Sure not!! big vagina's is like big penis! interesting for the sex partner

Is having a big penis a good thing?

No.This is bcos it can hurt the girl.

Does having a big penis hurt the girl?

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

Is it possible for someone to know if I have an erection?

It is. But it depends on how big the erection is, and the kind of pants you are wearing. It's easier to hide an erection in some loose fitting pants. It also depends on if you are wearing underwear, and what kind. Tighter underwear will hold the penis down more, and stop it from getting fully erect.

Is it normal for a twelve year old boy to get an erection when he thinks about having a big penis in future or is that bisexual?

Let's cut off the unnecessary part of the question :-)"Is it normal for a twelve year old boy to get an erection when..."It is normal for boys in that age group to get erections at all sorts of times... it's the hormones of puberty running through their bodies and not anything to be concerned about.

Why when you think of girls your penis gets big?

because when your thinking of them you unmeaningly think of entring there vaganias and releasing yourself

Does What if your Penis Grow In Erection Size?

Like Any Part Of Your Body, Your Penis/Erection Will Grow With The Rest Of Your Body. We men are constantly worried if we are'nt "Big Enough", so you should not be ashamed to ask this. Our Erections vary depending on how aroused we are, a teen first entering puberty will get an erection and feel proud that they are becoming a man. Eventually as the voice changes and hair grows in new places, the testicles drop and the penis naturally grows. Im guessing a young teen boy asked this, so don't worry about it. Your Penis will grow with the rest of your body until your 18 when EVERYTHING stops growing.

Does having a big penis turn on a girl?

Really, its the opposite. No it doesn't, it turns us off.

How do u make your penis big?

If you are referring to having a small penis because you are young, then just wait until puberty kicks in and it will grow naturally.

What does it mean when a girl asks you if you're penis is big?

She is just having a laugh. Don't answer her or return the question saying is your boobs big !

Im 16 and my penis is 7.5 inches in length is that small?

well it depends whether you were having an erection or not. I am the same age but i do not measure my penis however i would say mine is roughly the same, so I think it might be normal for people of our age plus it can't grow just because you turn a certain age, but personally I don't really care if mine is small or big but if you are thinking of having sex then I'm pretty sure the length you have is fine but seeing as i do not want to get a girl because of the amount of solitude you get when you're in a relationship, i wouldn't care. Don't worry about it.

Can a girl die if the penis is too big?

No... unless she's being raped to the point of severe hemorrhage, having a big penis inside her is not going to kill a woman. She may bleed some, but that's about it.

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