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No, you are just as likely as if you were never on the pill. For some women it takes a while after they get off the pill, but it possibly could take that long if they weren't ever on the pill. It is reccomended to wait until you have had one regular period off the pill before trying though.


I agree with the last comment. It usually takes about 6 months to fall pregnant off the pill, as your body will still have the pill in your system for about three months. Any drug will stay in your system for up to three months. I will wait for one or two regular periods. Don't be upset if you don't conceive because it can take about 6 months normally.

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Q: Are you more likely to get pregnant right when you get off the pill?
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Can you be pregnant if you get your period on the pill when you shouldn't?

maybe... but it is more likely that your pill is too weak for you

Can you take the pill right before sex and it not get me pregnant?

No, it most likely will not work.

Does stopping taking the pill mess up getting pregnant?

Taking the birth control pill lowers the risk of pregnancy. Not taking the birth control pill does not lower the risk of pregnancy. You are more likely to get pregnant when you are not taking the birth control pill.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and your period is late?

most likely, no

You pregnant and if you take the pill will you have a miscarrriage?

Most likely no

If you take the pill for 15 years does that mean that you are left with many more eggs making your statistics for pregnancy higher?

No, you are not more or less likely to get pregnant after being on the pill for 15 years.

Do your chances of becoming pregnant while on the pill increase the more?

They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

You justed started having a regular period while on the pill can you get pregnant now?

You are not likely to get pregnant while you're on the birth control pill.

What is the chance of falling pregnant if you are on the pill over thirty and overweight?

On the pill taken correctly-not very likely. Off the pill- it took me 3 months to get pregnant at age 38.

If you are on the pill for a long time and then get off the pill and then have unsafe sex when you are ovulating can you still come out pregnant?

If you are off the pill then yes you can become pregnant. Generally it takes awhile for the pill to leave your system but it is not unheard of to become pregnant right after stopping the pill.

Is it more likely to have twins if you conceive right after going off of the pill?

No. This is an oldwives tale. - river

Came off contraceptive implant but took pill straight away could i still get pregnant?

If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

If you miss the last 2 birth control pills in your pack one month but take every pill right the next month does delayed bleeding mean you are more likely to get pregnant on the pill during the 3rd mo?

I was especially wondering if you could get pregnant under these circumstances if you started the pill a day early in the third month and took a double dose on the second day.

How soon can you become pregnant after forgetting to take your birth control pill?

Missing one pill in a packet is not likely to cause you to become pregnant. After missing three or more pills you should use a backup method of BC until you have been back on the pill for 7 days.

You dont get a period because you are on the pill you tested negative but still feel pregnant?

If you're on the birth control pill and had a negative pregnancy test, it is not likely you are pregnant.

Came off contraceptive implant but started the pill straight away could you still get pregnant or are you safe?

If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

Which drugs can abort pregnant?

Morning after pill but has to be used right after.

If you do get pregnant while on the pill is it due more to the man having super sperm or the woman being very fertile?

There is no such thing as "super sperm". It most likely has to do with the pill itself as it is not 100% effective. There are stories of women getting pregnant while on the pill in addition to a condom-protected intercourse.

If you have been taking your birth control regularly but you recently missed one of your periods is it likely that you are pregnant?

It is possible that you can become pregnant while taking birth contril pills. The pill is not 100% effective and if you've taken any antibiotics recently they can interfere with the pill and make it more likely for you to become pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and you'll know for sure.

What are the Chances of getting pregnant right off the pill?

You can theoretically get pregnant while on the pill (though the rate of that is quite low), so a chance exists at any time you have sex that you can get pregnant.

Will you get pregnant if you forget to take your birth control one night?

If you miss one dose of your birth control you become more fertile.So the answer to your question is yes if you miss a pill and have intercourse you are more likely to become pregnant.

How soon after you get off the pill should you try to get pregnant?

You can pretty much try right away. Ppl miss one pill and get pregnant all the time.

What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate if you took the morning after pill within seven hours?

not likely to be pregnant

What is your fertile time if you just stopped the pill?

Any time! If you've just gotten off the pill you are WAY more likely to get pregnant at Times during the month when you might not normally. Wear a condom!

Can you get pregnant if you miss a pill and double up the next day?

yes, but it is not very likely