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Hi there. Its unlikely to be a miscarriage hun. Your most likely experiencing heavy break through bleeding or the dosage of pills aren't strong enough and this can also cause bleeding and sharp tummy pains. But to be certain about the pregnancy, buy a pregnancy test and do it. Do it while your bleeding and if its positive go to hospital for a scan.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-04 23:41:47
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Q: Are you pregnant and having a miscarriage if you're on the pill and your period is not due for another week but you're spotting heavily and experiencing menstrual cramps?
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Can you be one month pregnant and still have menstrual spotting?

if spotting can you still be pregnant?

Is it normal two have a two day menstrual cycle with on and off bleeding?

Is there a chance you are pregnant? if so, you could be having a miscarriage and you are spotting because of that...

Your wife is 6 weeks pregnant and has noticed brown spotting and What should we do and Is she experiencing a miscarriage?

u need to take her to the doctors or Emergency Room As Soon As Posible

Is spotting heavier in morning normal when pregnant?

It may be .. but it also be a sign of a miscarriage

Spotting after 4weeks pregnant did i have misscarage?

Spotting during pregnancy can occur about the time you would usually have a period. However, with a miscarriage there is more active bleeding and tissue is passed with abdominal cramping. Just spotting does not indicate a miscarriage.

What does it mean when you been spotting for two weeks?

most likely that you are pregnant, there could be other reasons. if you are pregnant and spotting, i would get to a doctor right away. it could mean infection or miscarriage

You only had your menstrual one day and it was just spotting could you be pregnant?

No, I have had days like that and i am a virgin

What if spotting came before your period does that mean that you might be pregnant?

Spotting is pretty much like what it sounds like, its a very light bleed it can happen for many reasons, it could be the implantation, the start of a miscarriage, a rupture in the placenta, plus ther are many other reason's for spotting sometimes just no reason.If it happens right before your period then yes you are probably pregnant.Because if it is the starting of a miscarriage... well, when your pregnant you don't get your period and when theres a miscarriage then theres no more baby so miscarriage before period could mean your pregnant cause its backwards than when your pregnant your pregnant you get your period your not pregnant!so the backwards way is no baby then period so then pregnant. so theres your answer POOPING DURING SPOTTING MEANS YOU MIGHT BE CONSTAPATED WHEN YOUR DONE YOUR SPOTTING. SO IF YOUR SPOTTING AND YOU TAKE A POOP JUST TO LET YOU KNOW ITS NOT NORMAL GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Spotting and lightheaded?

If you are spotting and lightheaded, it is a good idea to see a doctor. You might be having a miscarriage if you are pregnant or you could have some type of uterine tumor.

You are one month late for your period and you are currently experiencing moderate brownish spotting What does this mean?

you might be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you rescheduled your menstrual cycle purposely and now you are experiencing cramping and spotting?

Hi, If you rescheduled your menstrual cycle by taking active birth control pills and you didn't miss any, then there is no chance of pregnancy. The bleeding you're experiencing is most likely caused by skipping your period and its your bodys way of making it up. This does happen when you purposely alter your cycle.

I just had my period this month and now im spotting a week later could I be pregnant?

You could. But the period you had and the spotting you are now experiencing would point more to a miscarriage. If you had a period, you are no longer pregnant if you were. The stuff that comes out during your period would need to stay in there for the baby! Check to make sure you got your tampon out. Believe it or not, this happens to alot of women.

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