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Are you shy?


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Well, what kind of symptoms do you have. Do you blush around people. Or dread presentations. It could be a lot of things.


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What makes him shy... Hmm. We dont really know. Only he does. He's explained that he is shy, but not why. That's not something you can explain really. He is shy because he is shy. People are that way. But he isn't that shy. Quiet... sometimes. But not shy like Kristen.

I don't she is that shy anymore. But when she was younger she was very shy.

Bryan Shy goes by B-Shy.

no she was not shy

There are many shy animals. A deer, giraffe, and rabbit are all shy animals. Many birds are also shy.

An antonym for shy is confident.

The adverb of shy is shyly.

yes but maybe she is to shy to say something to you, and she just acts shy.

"Shy" in English means timido in Italian.

I dont think its the breed of dog that is shy it is if you make the dog shy or not.

She was always a shy lady.He decided to shy away from the party.

Shy Pilgreen's birth name is Shy Kristen Pilgreen.

Shy yet sluty because shy girls are not shy in bed

Yes, one being shy is an emotion. An individual who is shy lacks self confidence and it can be genetic if one or both parents are on the shy side. There is nothing wrong with anyone being shy. There are many individuals who are shy and uncomfortable, but they just hide it better.

Yes very shy, I actually interviewed her, very shy but very sweet.

oh shut up none of them are shy your shy you piece of useless junk

What I would do is just be yourself. who cares if your shy. if there nice people they will respect that your shy!

they think they can change shy guys make them not shy hope that was enough information. :)

67.83% of the population is shy.

butterflies are incredibly shy

yes they can be shy but after a while they get used to you

The plural of the noun shy is shies.

No she was not a shy child

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