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The awnser is in the question, yes, your headlights grounded, yes, there power comes from a fuse link. when you start a car energy flows from the battery to start seleniod and at least 2-3 fuse links are there one for electronics and one for lights if one blows plan on spending 100$ to fix it at a shop

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Q: Are your headlights grounded or powered through a fusible link on a 1981 Buick Regal?
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Your 1992 Mazda protege will not start battery starter alternator are good no interior lights or headlights?

It is likely that you have lost a master fuse or fusible link. The headlights are nearly always powered directly from the battery through a fusible link or large, under hood fuse.

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I just had the same problem in my '97 Nissan pickup. Both headlights stopped working at the same time. I went through some hoops, including trying a new headlight switch, but it turned out to be some corrosion in the plug for the fusible link that bolts onto the positive terminal of the battery. I cleaned that out and it is working fine again.

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