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Yes, a collections law firm, is still defined under the FDCPA as a collector. They are required to follow the same regulations that apply to a regular collection agency.

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Q: Are your rights the same if your credit card debt went to a legal firm and not a collection agency or is a legal firm considered a collection agency?
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How do you remove a paid collection from your credit report if you paid even though disputed and did not agree with it and provided proof to original creditor who still sent you to a collection agency?

Don't let a collection agency push you around. As a consumer you have many rights. The best places for anyone to exercise their rights are in small claims courts. For less than $100 you can bring a collection agency to their knees.

If a Credit card company wrote off the debt and took a tax credit 4 full unpaid debt what legal rights does the credit card have in transferring rights to a collection agency?

Credit card companies win whether you paid or not. They write-off the credit card debt at the end of the year on their taxes, they also hedge their burden for increase risk by having insurance so they recover some of your losses from your default and they can sell their uncollectable debt to a third party (collection agencies). What rights do you have? The Fair Debt Collections Act. Your debt is with the original creditor (Credit Card Company) and not the collection agency any money you pay should be to the original creditor.

What federal agency helps protect your credit rights?

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

Who is responsible for credit card debt?

Generally, the person that signed up for the credit card is responsible. If any users were added to the account, they are also responsible. This include joint accounts. You cannot inherit credit card debt. So, do not believe a collection agency when they tell you that. See the FDCPA for your rights in debt collection.

How many times a day can a collection agency call in NJ?

U.S., for a collection agency, they can call you until you tell them that they should never contact you again by phone. Legally, after you tell them to not call you again, they cannot. You may have tell them again a time or two, but in this country, your rights are your rights. They are still going to keep it on your credit report, and probably send bills in the mail.

If you owe a telephone bill and are just paying it off little at a time can they send it to a collection agency and go against your credit history?

Yes they can, the original creditor can send it to a collection agency the moment you are considered late by the contract terms or agreement you have with them. Yes a collection agency can report it to the CRA's only if they 1. Notify you in writing and advise you that they are attempting to collect the debt and that you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. (Your Mini Miranda Rights) 2. If you request in writing that they validate the debt which they must do according to your federal rights. But sometimes because so many people aren't aware of there rights the CA's take advantage of consumers and almost always break the law when collecting debts from unsuspecting consumers who have no knowledge of these rights.

What does it mean when a credit card is charged off?

When a credit card is charged off it means that the company has given up on trying to collect funds on the card and they usually sell the rights to a collection agency and the collection agency will try any means possible to get some money out of you. They usually will send official letters, email, and call your house phone, cell phone and work phone if they have access to this information.

Does a collection agency have to accept what you can afford to pay?

Absolutely not. You, as a debtor, do not get to set the terms of repayment. By the time the collection agency gets a case, typically, the entire balance is due at that point. The good news, however, is that when a collection agency sues you, a good consumer attorney can likely defend your rights with great success. For more answers to collection agency questions, please visit my website at

Can a credit card company sue you once they sell the account to a collection agency?

Yes, although, from your question, depending on the sale, it may be the collection agency that is actually suing you. If they just hired the collection agency 9didn't actually sell the debt), then the credit card co is actually suing...but they hirted the process out to someone else. When the collection agency buys (or anyone) buys the rights to collect a debt from a credit company (or anyone else), they get all the rights the one they are buying it from had. It makes no difference to you, the debtor, on what you owe or any of your obligations....the terms of your debt remain the same. Just who it's owed to changes. Better read and understand the terms of your debt agreement...any costs the holder of the debt incurs to get paid, like suing, hiring agencies, etc., because you failed to perform on your agreement as you promised, become expenses they can (and do) charge to you.

What is the time limit imposed on a collection agency to validate a debt?

If you legally incurred the debt then you are responsible for it until it is paid. A company other than the company to which you were originally indebted may purchase the rights to your debt and you are responsible for paying them. There is no time limit on that debt. A collection agency can legally pursue you until the debt is paid in full. However, there is a time limit on the negative consequences of not paying the debt. In most circumstances that limit is seven years. Seven years from the time you became delinquent with your original creditor. Whether or not your debt was purchased by a collection agency, it should not be reported on your credit report or affect your credit score after seven years. The only time the debt could reappear is if you take an action on it. For example: In 1997 you applied for and received a store credit card and charged $1000 in merchandise. You did not pay the bill and after their attempts to collect the debt fail, the store sells your debt to a collection agency in 1998. That agency sells your debt to another agency in 2000. In the meantime, you pay all your bills on time and have an otherwise spotless credit history. In 2004 your $1000 debt will no longer appear on your credit report and your credit score will be higher because the old debt is no longer figured in the calculation. The collection agency is not doing anything illegal by contacting you regarding your debt. But it is no longer affecting your credit rating. In 2007 you pay $500 toward the debt. Your credit report would reflect you have a $500 debt to the collection agency and your credit score would drop. I hope this answered your question.

Can the collection agency for a hospital list one inpatient hospital bill 3 times for 3 different amounts on your credit report?

The person that last posted this works for a collection agency. Know your rights. WWW.HOSPITALVICTIMS.ORG The above website will evalute your medical bills. Ask them for a valiation of debt They can report what they want. According to the FCRA it needs to be factual. If it is not accurate data I recommend filing a dispute with the credit agencies at which it is reported.

Can a collection agency report to credit agencies before the charge is verified?

Yes they can. And it is quite common for them to do so. They don't normally incur the added expenses of verification until this is requested by ...the credit bureaus in response to a consumer dispute, the consumer directly upon exercising their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or upon court order.

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