Art Linkletter-did he do queen for a day?

Yes! My great grandmother, Rebecca Lee won and her wish to return to Mississippi from Salt Lake City, Utah, whom she had not seen for over 30 years. She flew into Hattiesburg, MS on a DC-3 and was met by her daughter,children and great children. She spent a week with her daughter, Mrs. Hub Atwood, in Lumberton, MS.

Her story: After converting to the Mormon faith, she and her husband, Ben Lee, decided to move to Salt Lake City. They made the trip from Mississippi to Utah on horse and buggy. He came back to Mississippi to get the rest of their belongings and died in Texas on the return trip. She and her unmarried children stayed in Utah. My Grandmother had allready married before the move and stayed in Lumberton. My great grandmother's wish was to see her daughter and meet her family one time before she died. She was in her 80's.

John W. Atwood (