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Foreign and domestic, or residential and commercial systems, will be under the command of a master plumber.

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Q: As well as domestic systems a plumber will also be required to work on?
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Requirement for Master Plumber PRC license exam?

In order to take the master plumber PRC license exam you will be required to present a government issued photo ID. You will also need to provide your Social Security number.

Are fire sprinkler systems needed for buildings in California/?

California requires sprinkler systems in newly built one and two story residences. Sprinkler systems are also required for condominiums.

How do I know if I need a plumber, and how can I tell whether or not a plumber is qualified to fix what is broken?

You know you need a plumber if you repair whats broken or whats wrong with the sink yourself.The plumber should be certified and come from a reputatable company. you should also ask for references from the plumber if your not sure that they can do the job.

What kind of training is required in order to secure a job as a plumber?

You normally need to register with a community college or vocational college to get the required training. Some states also require you to register with them if working on specialist aspects, such as gas boilers.

How can I get in contact with a reliable plumber?

You can find a good reliable plumber in your local yellow pages. Search in the back for plumber listings. You can also look on Angie's list for reviews on plumbers in your area.

What is a journey plumber?

Journeymen plumbers are mechanics who work under the auspicious of a master plumber and are also expected to help train apprentices

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Does landing valve is required in multi- story building only or for small building like 2-3 floors also?

A trade qualified plumber could give you a quick, accurate, honest answer

What are some domestic uses for flowmeters?

A flowmeter can measure the gas or fluid moving through it. In a domestic situation it can be useful when measuring gas heating systems to make sure payment bills are correct. They can also be used to see if there is a blockage in the system.

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Where can one go to find a local plumber?

The best way for one to find a local plumber is to look up plumbers in the yellow pages. The official yellow pages website is also a good place to look when trying to find a plumber.

How do I find plumber services?

Mr. Rooter plumbing and Roto-Rooter both have on-line websites that you can use to find a plumber in your area. They are nationwide companies and will connect you with plumbers where you live. There is also a site called NetWorx that has a plumber referral section.

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Does contractor license school offer extensive training along with being licensed?

Becoming a plumber is a valuable career option for many students interested in the pipe systems and water treatment processes of residential and commercial buildings. Plumbing contractors can obtain formal training with a plumber training program available at a plumbing school, and are often involved with the piping, steam fitting, material, and construction of water systems, machinery, and structures. Plumbing contractors are also involved with the creation and development of blueprints and building plan layouts

What kind of law settles disputes involving child custody- divorce or breach of contract?

Domestic Relations Law- which also covers divorce.Domestic Relations Law- which also covers divorce.Domestic Relations Law- which also covers divorce.Domestic Relations Law- which also covers divorce.

How do i unclog a bath tub?

Use a drain cleaner such a Liquid Plumber first. If that doesn't resolve the issue you may need to rent a pipe-snake to break up the clog. You could also call a plumber, however renting a pipe-snake is generally cheaper than a plumber.

What software is required to monitor your personal GPS?

Most personal GPS systems come with software to download to your computer. You may also be able to track them online.

What is Joe the Plumber famous for?

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher also known by the public as "Joe the Plumber" is an American conservative activist and commentator who spoke in Columbus, Ohio about President Obama and his second term in office.

How could a person ensure their plumber is qualified to fix their bathroom plumbing?

A person can ensure their plumber is qualified to fix their bathroom plumbing by asking to see his license. It is also a good idea to check references.

What jobs has rl stine had?

he worked as a plumber at his granny's house till he was 25. he was also a loser

What is the average hourly wage for a master plumber?

I don't know about Master Plumber but I know a Plumber who is a Foreman and makes 38 an hour for commercial plumbing. It also depends on where you live. Wages vary from city to city depending on cost of living and competition. Also whether the company is Union or non-Union. Union companies usually pay higher wages and have better benefit packages.

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