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The weight of the victim is the primary factor determining the distance, relative to the strength and endurance of the carrying individual.

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What duties does a wedding planner usually perform?

They prepare budgets, documentation, backup plans, handle services, etc. They basically do everything with very little intervention.

What is reformating the computer?

Basically, it means to prepare the computer for use.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail?

If you do not prepare, you will fail, so it's basically like preparing to fail.

What is the job description of a paralegal?

Paralegals perform several tasks in their careers. They create documents, perform research to prepare for trial, investigate facts, and interact with clients.

What is the copyright law basically?

In its most basic form copyright law defines what works can be protected, the five basic rights that creators have to control their original works (reproduce, perform, display, distribute, and prepare derivatives) and what exceptions will allow useage without permission.

How do you prepare rainwater to distilled water?

If you want to make distilled water from rainwater, you would perform distillation on the rainwater.

Why is it important for dances to warm up?

three reasons why it is important to warm up for dance

What is the meaning of 'He who fails to prepare prepares to fail'?

It means that when you don't have a plan set out it is setting your self up for disaster.If you do not prepare, you will fail, so it's basically like preparing to fail.

Something you do that begins with a p?

People paint, paste, pedal, perform and phone. They also plan, plant, polish, practice and prepare.

How do you prepare for 12th boards examination from January?

You can't ... basically you're f*/?!d. Try again next year ...

Are speeches hard?

Well, if you prepare yourself mentally and recite your speech in front of a mirrior or something, then you can work on the flaws on how well you perform your speech.

Organisms like plants and algae that perform photosynthesis are called what?

Such organisms are called autotrophs ,that can prepare food by photosynthesis.The mode of nutrition is autotrophic

Which task do the kidneys perform?

Kidneys are a key part of the excretory system. They break down unwanted minerals in urine and waste to prepare it for excretion.

How long does it take to prepare for the hajj?

It depends from which place you are proceeding to Mecca to perform Hajj, and for how any days you are going to stay in Mecca and Madina Munawra.

What is bambi 2 about?

Basically bambi from the first film becomes king of the forest and he has a child with feleen. He has to teach his son and prepare him for the challenges ahead of him.

What is the role of Ficol in DNA quantification?

Ficoll, basically polysucrose is used to prepare density gradients during centrifugation to separate DNA fragments.

Why do students with high IQ perform badly on the SAT?

They perform badly because they think too high of themselves, thus they do not prepare well enough for test day and fail. It is not intelligence that they are lacking, but rather the lack of effort that is causing them to fail.

What is the job description of a Medical Service Apprentice?

You will perform technical nursing duties involving the care and treatment of patients. In an inpatient care setting, you will perform nursing care duties such as feeding, bathing and moving patients. You will assemble, operate and maintain medical equipment such as oxygen delivery equipment, intravenous controllers, fetal monitors, suction machines and electrocardiograph recorders. You will measure and record vital signs. You will administer medications under the supervision of a physician or a nurse. You will draw blood samples. You will perform the routine collection of urine, fecal materials and other bodily secretions for laboratory examination. You will prepare patients for surgery and perform postoperative monitoring. You will assist in the delivery and care of newborns. In a clinic setting, you will prepare patients for examination and assist physicians with treatments and procedures. You will prepare and order linens and supplies. In an emergency room setting, you will drive an ambulance and perform lifesaving care measures for the sick and injured. You will receive training that will entitle you to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician's examination. You will perform medical service specialist functions and administer routine immunizations and allergy testing. You will prepare smears, obtain cultures and prepare allergy treatment extracts. You will arrange schedules for mass immunizations and updating immunization records

How can you stop worrying or stressing in general?

worry is can be related to preoccupied mind . we always perform anticipating results in our favour. perform activities with free will and sincerely. the result has to be good , always prepare for the worst, if best comes enjoy, if the worst comes have strength.

What is summarizing in accounting?

The word summarizing used in the accounting field means to prepare the trial balance. This is basically balancing the books at the end of the month or year.

What do you have to do when you audition for a play?

it depends on what your adjudicator wants you to do. you may have to cold read a few scenes with a partner, or you might have to memorize two monologues and perform them. if you are auditioning for a singing role, then you'll have to prepare a song, learn a dance you'll be taught at the audition and perform a scene.

Who did John the Baptist help prepare a path for the lord?

John the Baptist was baptizing in obedience to God. God had commanded John to perform what's referred to as a "baptism of repentance," to prepare the way for the coming Messiah. In effect, John was "helping" God, the Jews, and Christ as well.

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