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Aside from slang what are the other labels in the dictionary?


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Adjectives, verbs, proper nouns, abstract, common nouns, ad-verbs etc.


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this is a slang word for feces, that is why it is not in the dictionary

Yes. See the link below for an online slang dictionary.

Slang words are words that are not in the dictionary.

It may be in a dictionary of slang.

This is not a slang term in any dictionary. Are you sure that you heard it correctly?

Slang is the only reason that urban dictionary exists.

There is no word "sexisphere" in the dictionary or on the Urban Slang site. It may be regional slang.

The word curr is not available in a slang dictionary and it is also not in any English language dictionary. The word curry can be used in slang to describe someone who is of Indian descent.

The f word tecnecally not slang. The dictionary entry says that it is an offensive term"F" is a letter, not a word. It can be an abbreviation for "f**k" but it can also be an abbreviation for many other things that are not slang.

WikiAnswers is a question and answer site, not a dictionary. Here's a link to the Urban Dictionary where you can look up all the newest slang terms.

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Reference sites such as Slang Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, Dictionary, and other similar websites have an easy to use database that will locate and define the word you are looking for.

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From the Urban Dictionary: Phudi is slang for vagina

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I'm not aware of any slang meanings for the word, sorry. Urban dictionary has nothing.

There is a Dictionary of New Zealand Slang, and your local bookshop or library should be able to locate it for you.

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Urban dictionary is not a dictionary that should be used in a work or school environment. Urban dictionary is a dictionary for terms that are used in everyday slang or jargon. It is a more humorous than it is a serious dictionary.

Use the link below for Urban Dictionary.

"Urban Dictionary" is an online dictionary that mostly consists of slang words and curse words. "" would be most recommended for cleaner behavior.

on no slangs website /dictionary ( I can't put links on this website other wise I would)

Please click on the related question to go to the main Slang Examples question with all the links!

its called the urban dictionary jackass

According to my dictionary, it is slang for a gaol, jail, prison, etc.

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