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She can get a widows' benefit at age 60

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Q: At what age can a wife draw social security benefits from her deceased husband?
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Can retired postal employee draw social security benefits from deceased husband?


Is a wife responsible for paying her deceased husband's child support?

No. But, the minor child/children may be entitled to a portion of the deceased parent's estate and/or Social Security survivor benefits.

How long do you have to be married to collect your deceased husbands social security?

How long do you supposed to be married before you Grillet your husband Social Security disability check

can a woman draw disability social security from her husband that is not on social security?

No. Benefits are paid by the state (to people entitled to them) not the husband.

Social security benefits for children with a deceased parent?

yes the children with deceased parents get social security benefit's. but only if the parents were workers in the US.

Can you draw disability social security on deceased husband social security and on your own social security?

No. If you do then the social security people might end up having you tossed in goal.

Do you claim children's social security benefits?

Survivor benefits are paid to children of a deceased worker.

Can you draw your deceased husband's social security at age 55?

If you can, I'm retiring.

When can I collect my deceased husband's social security?

after you produce a death cert. and apply for it.

What year did social security start paying benefits to children of deceased parent?


Is a ex wife entitled to her deceased ex husband's social security benefits if she remarries?

If you and your ex husband were married for at least 10 years, and if you are the required age to received Social Security benefits, then yes, you are. You can only draw SS from one source, be it his, yours, or your second husband's (if you have been married at least 10 years). But you can file on the one that will pay the most.

Can a wife draw her deceased husband's social security if she is still working?

no i think if you search this you are a loser

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