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Can a wife draw on husbands Social Security if he died before age 62?

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August 17, 2012 11:31PM

Not until she her self reaches age 60 unless she has children at home under age 18. There is always the possibilities she could draw Disability if unable to work. Some women get catch in what we call that danger gap of when their husband is older then them and dies. When he dies if she is not age 60 she gets nothing no matter what he was drawing if he was retired unless as stated about the children at home yet.

I guess thats why my insurance man when I was young it was important to have good life insurance to protect your wife in the event you died. I see what he means now when I see allot of ladies in their late 50's working hard jobs or flipping burgers just to make ends meet until they reach age 60 to draw on their spouse. Some really dont look to the future on this or save incase this happens for example a stay at home mom with no outside the home working experience and they have lived a really great life since he had an above average job. If they didnt save or have insurance on him then the world can cave in for a woman. Hope this helps in some way. The younger a person gets insurance the cheaper it is and course before something is detected medically by allot of young people dont think about tomorrow alone 30-40 years from now.