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At what age can you quit school in NYSE?


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New York compulsory education law places the age at 16, and the student must complete the school year. For example if the person's 16th birthday is in October 2005 they must finish the current school year before they become eligible to stop attending.

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The legal age to quit school is at age 18. Depending on the state's rules and regulations.

With parental consent, a student may quit school at age 16.

16 is the legal age that a person can quit school in NC.

any age, you probably can't quit k-8th, but you can quit high school and collage

the legal age to quit school in Kentucky is 16. i quit last year. don't quit. give it another try.

yes. maybe 18, but he did quit high school.

In the state of Louisiana, the maximum age of attendance is 17. This means a person can quit school after they turn 17.

You have to be at least 16.

No age. Stay in school or you'll be scrubbing toilets.

As of July 2014, the legal age to quit school in the state of Kentucky is 16 years old. A parent must give permission before the child can quit at 16.

States have age requirement laws pertaining to attending school. A minor that has been granted emancipation may not quit school unless they are the legal age to do so.

Texas has a compulsory attendance law from age 6 to 18. That means 18 is the age to quit.

No, the compulsory attendance age for school in West Virginia is 17 years.

The age Betsy Ross quit school was....12 years old.

you can quit school when ever you want to. all you have to do is drop out. Get more details on quitting school. It would be educative and you would even refer your friends who are also planning to quit school.

At 16 with parental permission.

It's not an age its If your in 11th grade or higher

you must be 17 years old to quit school in PA.

16, but its not something someone should do.

yes! at the age of about 15 or 16.

It depends where you are. If you are in England, then it's sixteen.

Yes, at 16 you can do so with parental consent. As long as you are under 18 and wish to quit school you will need their consent.

Students are able to leave high school in Saskatchewan at the age of 16. All children must begin school by the age of 6.

You have to be able to cross the street in front of the school by yourself.

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