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  • Dependent coverage lasts until age 22 on a family policy.
  • In most states, dependent coverage lasts until a child is 18. Although most insurance carriers will let you keep your child under the coverage with specific stipulations - in other words it will cost more. It really depends on the company and the circumstances such as student status, disabilities, etc.
AnotherI think the answer will depend on the type of insurance as well.

Medical is generally 18 unless the child is a full-time student. Do watch how they define an acceptable learning institution (for instance some may not accept trade schools etc). All will require the child drop off at some age even if they remain a full-time student, generally 22 to 24. IMPORTANT note here: If the parents policy is an individual plan and not a group plan check carefully to see if there is a conversion provision that allows the child to convert to the same plan the parents are on without proving medical eligibility. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes while an eligible student on my individual plan. She has a right to convert to her own policy on the same plan we are on within 30 days of a qualifying event (on our policy graduation from college or reaching age 24), guaranteed issue. The insurance company would otherwise never insure a Type 1 diabetic.

Auto is quite different. If the child lives at home and the parents have a legal interest in the car then they can remain on the policy almost indefinately.

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Q: At what age does dependent coverage end?
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