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The elevation is 1540 metres and so, the boiling temperature of water will be approx 94.7 deg C.

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What should be the boiling point of water in Baguio city?


What should be the boiling point in baguio city?

This has been asked over and over recently. Is this part of an exam or a class? Boiling point decreases with altitude because there is less pressure. The water will boil when the vapor pressure equals the air pressure. Baguio city is about 1500-1600 meters above sea level, making its temperatures roughly 8 degrees C less than the sea level areas of the Phillipines. For every 1000 feet in elevation, the boiling point of water decreases about 1 degree C. Very roughly, Baguio city is at 4500 feet elevation. The boiling point of water at Baguio city should be about 4.5 degrees C less than 100 degrees C, or 95.5 degrees C.

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What is the frost line depth for Colorado?

4' should get you up to about 7000' in elevation 5' should get youto about 10000' in elevation and 6' should cover the rest

When should boiling point be recorded?

When the liquid is boiling steadily and the temperature has stabilised.

Compute the boiling point elevation of a salt water solution that contains 3.40 g of NaCl dissolved in 148 ml of water?

I believe that you have to convert 3.40g to molality and then use that and multiply it by the constant, .512 and that should give you the answer

What happens to the elevation as you travel west to east across Texas?

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What is the boiling point of juice?

the boiling point of orange juice is 890 i know this because i did a lot of research on this that you should do too instead of taking my answer you should research and find out the boiling point of juice is 890

Should coolants have high boiling points?

Coolants should have low boiling point so as to give more cooling effect. Lower the boiling temperature, more will be the amount of heat absorbed by the coolant from the surrounding.

What is the participle or participial phrase in the sentence the tea leaves should be placed in boiling water?

Participles have three functions in sentences. They can be components of multipart verbs, or they can function as adjectives or as nouns.In the sentence "The tea leaves should be placed in boiling water."Boiling would be the particple.boiling

Is there a problem with boiling kosher hot dogs?

There should be no problem with boiling a kosher hot dog. As a matter of fact boiling hot dogs is VERY common.

What is an example of boiling?

Cooking pasta is an example of boiling. Ironically, boiled eggs are not an example of boiling (since they should actually be cooked at a simmer).

What should be consider when examining the boiling point?

Air pressure and pressure within the vessel containing the boiling liquid.

Why should boiling stones be used when boiling liquids?

Boiling chips provide a surface on which vapor bubbles can form. This bubble formation helps prevent superheating and bumping of the liquid.

When cooking pasta the lquid should be?

Pasta should be cooked in lots of boiling water.

How long should you grill ribs after boiling?

4 hours.

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Neither one is correct. it should be LOCATED AT or IN.

What is the point of Juiced?

the boiling point of Orange Juice is 890 i know this because i did a lot of research on this that you should do too instead of taking my answer you should research and find out the boiling point of juice is 890

What is the boiling point of nickel sulfate?

The boiling point of nickel sulfate should be around 840 °C, where thermal decomposition has already begun.

Which of the following aqueous solutions should have the lowest boiling point?


Should you quarter potatoes before boiling?

Yes, they will cook faster.

How do you separate two immiscible liquids?

I am guessing by fractional distilation because they should have diffrent boiling point but if the boiling points are the same then add salt to make them impurities and have diff boiling points then do fractional distillation

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August 16,2008(Saturday) First and for most you should be creative in thingking new ideas to help the company achieve their goals and you should have a personal stake on the success of the company. Arnel Aquino Baguio City

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add pressure to the appropriate pressure point

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Torniquet, 911