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At what temperature does water turn into ice?

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Water turns to ice at Sub-Zero temperatures which is 0 degrees celsius.

32° F or 0° C

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Q: At what temperature does water turn into ice?
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Related Questions

Why water turn into ice instantly?

Water don't turn instantly into ice; this depends on the temperature.

Why does ice turn into water when it is in water?

Since the water is at a higher temperature than the ice, it transfers heat to the ice. This in turn raises the ice's temperature above its melting point of 32oF which turns the ice to water.

Can liquids turn into solids?

Yes. Every solid has a melting temperature above which (hotter) it is a liquid and beneath which (colder) it is a solid. Answer For example, water becomes ice at zero degrees Celsius / 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature is the melting temperature for ice. Hotter than that temperature will turn ice into water, and colder than that temperature will turn water into ice. 0 degrees Celsius is also called the triple point because water, ice, and water vapor can all exist at that temperature without changing their forms. In other words, at that temperature, ice can stay ice, water can stay water, and water vapor can stay water vapor.

What makes liquid water turn to a soild?

Decrease the temperature and make it turn into ice.

How does ice cube turns to liquid water?

Ice turn in water only if the temperature is over 0 0C.

How does ice turn in to water?

when the temperature around the ice gets warmer, it melts it. When you put ice in water, the water is actually warmer than ice (hence the ice to cool it off) and the ice naturally melts because it is submerged in the lower temperature.

At what temperature does water freeze and turn into ice?

0 degree celsius

How does temperature affect ice?

When the temperature is above the melting point of water, water molecules break free from the tight solid bonds of the ice, and thus, causing the ice to melt and turn the ice into liquid.

How does ice turn into water and how does water turn into gas?

Ice turns into water when a room temperature is low (Warm, hot) . The ice melts and the and turns into water (In other words, 'Liquid'.) , and carrying on from that, the water evaporates and turns into 'Gas'.

Ice cube turning to liquid water in the sun?

Ice turn in water only if the temperature is over 0 0C.

At what temperature does water turn into ice in degree celsius?

0 at sea level

What happens to water a 32 Fahrenheit?

it will freeze at the certain temperature and turn to ice

How does dry ice create fog?

the cold temperature of dry ice and the warm temperature of the water makes it melt quickly causeing the dry ice to turn into co2

Is all water the same temperature?

Of course not! Water that is just about to boil and turn to steam is at 212°. Water that is just about to freeze and turn to ice is at 32°. Any other water can be at any temperature in between those.

At what temperature does water melt at?

Ice will melt - and turn to water - at about zero degrees Celsius (Centigrade). The exact temperature also depends on the pressure.

What temperature does ice turn into water?

At standard pressure, 0o Celsius or 32o Fahrenheit

What happens to water vapor as the temperature decreases?

Depending on how much the temperature decreases, it would turn back into water if it is cold enough. If you reach 0 degrees Celsius it will turn to ice.

Which has a lower temperature ice water or ice?

Ice water has a lower temperature, but if you have plain water, and the ice water melts, it's likely that you'll have two glasses of water of the same temperature.

Does both ice and water have definte shape or volume?

No ice can turn to water and water can turn to ice

What temperature does ice change from a solid to a liquid?

Solid ice starts to turn to liquid water a 0 degrees Celsius.

What temperature does water turn into an ice cube?

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

What temperature does water turn in to a solid?

Water freezes into ice at 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Is the temperature of ice water lower than the temperature of dry ice in alcohol?

No. The temperature of dry ice is far lower than that of ice water.

How does liquid water turn to ice?

the temperature gets to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and then it freezes

How cold is it when water turns to ice?

In order to turn water (a liquid) into ice (a solid) the temperature would have to be 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius