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German Inventors developed a practical internal combustion engine

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What type of transportation was used in France in the 1900s?

France followed much of the same industrialization as the rest of western Europe throughout this century. At the beginning, the primary local transportation was through horse and carriage (of various types), with regional and international transportation via train and boat. By the beginning of the second World War, France had a sizeable population driving personal automobiles and commercial air flights were also becoming popular.

What are the major cause of air pollution in Europe?


What are the major industries in Europe?

Automobiles, oil/petroleum, and tourism.

Is there the same bluetooht system in US as in Europa?

Yes, the Bluetooth system is the same in the US as it is in Europe. Bluetooth technology is used in mobile phones, automobiles, laptop computes and personal computers.

What does United States import from Europe?

The US mainly imports machinery, automobiles, technology, and chemicals from Europe.

What part of Europe has transportation systems?

All parts of Europe has transportation systems, although they are most common in urban areas.

What are the initials of Spain?

Spain does not have initials. If you are asking about the letters mounted on the back of automobiles in Europe that are used to identify where the vehicle is licensed, the letter(s) used for Spain is black "E" on a white oval.

What was transportation like in Europe in 1883?

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What is a transportation barrier in Europe?

The Alps

Which part of Europe has advanced communication and transportation system?

Western Europe.

What are Imports that Europe has?

some imports include automobiles, oil, petroleum, and technology.

Which part of Europe has advanced communications and transportation systems?

Mainly Western Europe.

What is the mode main transportation in Europe?


What is Europe imports?

Some imports include techonolgy/machinery, automobiles, oil, and petroleum.

Why is the Danube River important to Eastern Europe?

it is used for trade, transportation and It connects Central Europe with Western Europe.

How are rivers used in Europe?

For transportation of goods and people

What was the easiest way of transportation in northern Europe?


How were American World War 2 troops transported in Europe?

American World War II troops were transported in Europe by planes, ships, and automobiles.

Why did they did the canal?

to reduce transportation time between Europe and Asia

What are the two main uses of the sea in Europe?

Transportation and trade.

Why does Europe have very extensive trade among nations in Europe and with other continents?

transportation is highly deloveped

Why were the rivers important in Europe?

Rivers were used as transportation and trade routes in Europe. They were the easiest way to trade goods

When did steam locomotives become a frequently used method of transportation in Europe?

Steam locomotives became a frequently used method of transportation in Europe during the 19th century. Great Britain became dominated by this method of transportation up until the middle of the 20th century.

Exports and imports of Europe?

Exports of Europe include automobiles, machinery, meat, paper products, wood pulp, and dairy iron. The imports of Europe include plastics, machinery, metals, textiles, and clothing.

What are three uses of rivers in Europe?

Trade, Transportation and water source.