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first i suggest acting or whatever skill ur going to do and put it on an online video thing such as YouTube. and wait till some people see u


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of course everyone has a chance of becoming a model or actress if they just do not give up on the dream and put effort into it !! :)

There is no amount of education required to be an actress. Education may help an actress to hone her craft, but the main requirement for becoming an actress is a successful audition.

practis it is easy just proctors

Of course you have to take lessons and then you go to the next step to becoming an actress

You can become an actress at almost any age. But I wouldn't start becoming an actress at the age of like 1-5. That probably wouldn't get you anywhere.

The way to becoming an actress or actor is to follow your dream and do what u have to get your goal just go for it.

she has acomplished becoming a idol a proud mother and awesome actress

it helped me achieve my goal of becoming an actress

it does not matter your size. so there is a good chance.

Niki DeShazo is an author who was published at fifteen. She is also a becoming actress.

You can become a Hollywood famous by first becoming a good actor or actress.

To become an actress, you will need qualifications in performing arts (drama) and training in becoming an actress which will come whilst you are doing your qualifications.

Skip Beat. It's really good, I recommend the manga.

she started by watching tv and getting interested in becoming an actress.

Search in google for acting agencies in your area. Then set up an audition with them. You need a headshot and resume. This is just the first start of becoming an actor or an actress.

There are no high school requirements for becoming an actress but taking Drama or Theater would probably help. Also acting classes would be beneficial.

Born in Paris, she worked for Chanel in New York before becoming an actress in the early 2000s

Selena Gomez's biggest and main achievements is becoming an actress and a singer.

Hansika Motwani is an Indian child actress and model. She got famous by becoming leading teen actress in various kids shows. Her Gmail address is not made into the public.

The job description of an actress is to portray characters on screen. This includes movies, or Broadway shows. An actress or actor has to be able to display a number of emotions so he/she can capture the audience. To help achieve this goal of becoming an actress is to participate in school talent shows, or take theatre classes in college.

Beverly Johnson made history by becoming a very successful model, actress, and businesswoman. She was famous for becoming the first black model to be on the cover of American Vogue.

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