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It would be slightly illegal but you can. As long as you get married within the expiration date, she won't be deported.

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Family Structures in Australia?

The vast majority of families in Australia are made up of a father mother that are married or living together that look after their children.

Hawaiian Cruise Honeymoon?

Cruise vacations to Hawaii are a perfect way for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoons. Family and friends of couples who have just been married often pool their resources together and purchase a cruise as a wedding gift to the couple. Some Hawaiian cruises last for as long as two weeks, giving the couple a lot of time together.

How do you get divorced if living in Australia but got married in new zealand?

can I get divorced in Australia if I got married in New Zealand

Is kenneth Nixon getting married?

Yes, they both announced on their Facebook accounts they were married. And have changed their relationship status to Married.

What if I am married and he is married and we want to be together?

End your present marriages and start a life together.

How long can you live together before your considered married in Florida?

You can live together for how long as you like to be married but if your not married and are just a couple you only can live together for a year or less

Can you get married In Australia if Divorce Pending in America?


Can you get married to the first cousin in Australia?


What church did Pocahontas get married in?

I don't think there was a church, but she was married to Rolf in the household where she was living. All the accounts I have read have pointed to this.

Is Brie still married to Michael from 'I Married a Stranger'?

All accounts state they were still happily married six months after the show finished taping.

Who is rey mysterio married to?

he is married to angie you can google her and him together

When did Nelly and Ashanti get married?

They aren't married but they are still together

Can a married couple file bankruptcy separately?

They can file separately only if the accounts on which they are filing are separate accounts. If the accounts are joint accounts, they must file jointly. In other words, if both the husband and the wife are on the account they cannot file separately.

Are lauri ylonen and paula married a 2011 video saw them together at an event It says everywhere they aren't together though?

They are not married but they have a child together.

If a girl is 17 and the boy is 20 and they are married is it legal for them to live together?

If they are married, yes it is legal to live together.

Where was Michael Jackson married?

He married Lisa Marie Presley in the Dominican Republic, he married Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia.

What is the medicare part b deductale for a married couple earning 49000 per year?

No America No Asia No Australia No Jamaica Tomorrow Because Mexico And Canada Will Come Together

Where is Malcolm Young's daughter getting married?


Is Anthony LaPaglia still married?

Yes, he is still married to Gia Carides, whom he married in September 1998. By all accounts, it's a very happy union.

Which Australia prime minister married Enid Burnell?

Joseph Lyons married Enid Burnell.

You cannot file income taxes together unless you are married?

I am not a lawyer but before we got married, my husband and I, filed taxes together as a living together couple.

How many years do you have to be together to be legaly married?

If you live together for 6 months, you are legally commonlaw, you can get married anytime you want.

What percent of people that live together before they are married get divorces?

80% of people that live together befor they are married get a divorce

Is Alice married in new moon?

Jasper and Alice are not married - but they are together

Is David Hockney married?

Hockney and his friend live together, but are not married.