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get in car accidents?

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Q: Before you die the average person will do this 12 times what is it?
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Why does the average gay person die so young?

The average gay person does not die young.

Who die many times before their deaths according to Caesar?

Cowards according to Caesar die many times before their death.

How many times can a hornet sting someone before they die?

You could get stung 109 times before you die...

How can a person die before they were born?

die in there mothers woum

When does an average person die?

The average person dies at about age 70-90, it usually depends on if they have a dis- advantage or not.

What would a person die from what quicker than he would die from starvation?

A person would die of dehydration before starvation.

What percentage of people die before age 60?

The percentage of people that die before the age of 60 depends on the region of the world a person lives in. The average death rate before the age of 60 in the world, including third world countries would be 40%.

How many times can a person die?


How old is the average person when they die?

There is an average for men it is 78 for women it is 73,but you can never tell when someone will die. Life is uncertain.

When can you die?

Technically, a person can die at any time, even before birth.

How many times must one person die?

How many times are you willing to try?

What age does the average person die?

Usually about eighty years old.

Can a person die from the hiccups?

No, a person cannot die from a moderate case of the hiccups. However, a person can pass out if he/she has hiccups in quick succession, one after the other, numerous times.

How much phosphorous can a person take in before they die?


How long can an average person survive without air?

An average person over 21 can survive about six minutes without air and then the brain starts to die.

When your drunk how many times do you faint before you die?

actually 64

What are the Steps to be followed before blood transfusion?

so that the person will not die

why you should marry the person of your age?

so they donโ€™t die way before you or way after you

How many neurons does the average person have?

On average on human will have 2 billion or more but if not used the neuroma die so it changes

How long does the average person live to be?

untill about level 80 then most people die

How long does it take for a person to die that is only drinking liquids?

About 3 weeks on average.

What does cowards die many times before their deaths?

Julius Caesar said this.

How many times can wasps sting before they die?

as many as they want, no limit

About how many times do they circulate in the body before they die?

yes because the answer is correct

Have sweets killed someone before?

yes it has many times before so never feed sweets to your kids it will kill them if you want them to die never buy sweets again unless you give them to any person named Isla.