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Where is it stuck? on full or empty? if on full you got a bad ground, if empty you got a bad float.

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Q: Beretta gas gauge stuck
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Why is your gas gauge in a 91 Jeep Wrangler staying at full?

Float in tank is stuck or defective gauge Sounds like the sending unit is stuck in the full position.

Gas Gauge on your 1992 Jeep Wrangler doesnt work Its stuck on E no matter how much gas you use. I would like a gas gauge that works. Any help?

check for broken wire from fuel sender unit in fuel tank to gauge. check fuel sender unit for proper operation. float may be stuck in the tank then check fuel gauge

What causes a 2002 highlander gas gauge to be stuck on three quarters?

The most common cause for a 2002 Toyota Highlander's gas gauge to be stuck at three quarters of a tank is a faulty sending unit. The sending unit is designed to detect the current fuel level and relay it directly to the gauge.

How do you fix a broken gas gauge we filled up and now it is stuck at the bottom?

you will have to drop the fuel tank and remove the pump gauge unit. it maybe stuck, broken wire, or simply bad.

Why is your 84 corvette gas gauge stuck on full?

Sounds like a bad gauge sensor or a bad tank sensor (or both).

1989 Ford Econoline 350 gas gauge does not move what to do to fix it?

Could be bad gauge or float stuck in fuel tank

How do you reset cutlass fuel gauge?

i have 1991cutlass supreme v6 my digtial gas gage stuck

What is the common problem for the gas gauge not working on a 1985 ford f 150?

the gas tank float may be stuck or damage.

How do you fix gas gauge stuck on full on 2001 Camero?

check sending unit in tank and check gauge for proper operation and connections, and grounds

Why wouldn't a gas register work on a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

Bad gauge or stuck float in tank

Why would your gas gauge on a 2002 Saturn Vue after filling the tank not read full but half or a quarter of a tank?

The gas gauge sensor is most likely stuck. It is inside of the tank and over time it will get corroded.

Why would a 2004 dodge caravan gas gauge be stuck on half full?

More often than not, a fuel gauge problem is usually a faulty fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank.

What does it mean when the gas needle is all the way to the right?

If it is stuck there it means that your float in the gas tank is stuck or you have lost power between the sending unit and the fuel gauge. If you are not an experienced mechanic don't try adding power to it because you can and probably will cause the gas tank to blow up.

What is wrong if your fuel hand says you have a full tank and your car is empty?

The float that tells your gauge how much gas you have may be stuck or there is a problem with the system that sends that information to the gauge.

Gas gauge always reads full when empty?

Float could be stuck in the tank or the ground wire on the tank is broke.

Your fuel gauge is stuck on full how do you change it to one that works?

You first need to discover what is wrong. It can be the gauge, the sending unit (the part that measures the gas in the tank), or some associated wiring.

Why gas gauge read empty 1967 Pontiac gto when full?

Bad connection, blown fuse, or the float in the tank is stuck.

What makes a fuel gauge on a 2000 Ford Taurus not work?

its proabley the float located inside the gas tank...could be stuck

Why is your gas gauge in your ford ranger stuck on full even when the tank is empty?

The fuel gauge could be getting improper signals from the fuel sensor. The sensor is located inside of the fuel tank.

Can the gas tank nozzle get blocked so the car thinks tank is full?

Yes, but if your gauge is showing full when it isn't, then it's probably either a bad gauge or a stuck floater in the tank.

Beretta A303 12 gauge shot guns?

There were several "300 series" Berettas. They are regarded by experts to be very high quality gas operated shotguns that last a long time.

Why would a fuel gauge on a 91 celica always read full while the gas light stays on?

the sending unit may be stuck

Possible reasons for gas gauge not working on 1998 Honda passport?

either the guage is malfunctioning or the fuel pump sending unit is stuck.

Gas gauge not working?

my gas gauge is not working what could be the problem

What causes gas gauge to stop working on your 2007 Colorado?

Bad sensor, stuck float, bad connection somewhere between the sensor and the ECM.