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you will have to drop the fuel tank and remove the pump gauge unit. it maybe stuck, broken wire, or simply bad.

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Q: How do you fix a broken gas gauge we filled up and now it is stuck at the bottom?
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What does it mean when a 1974 Nova fuel gauge is stuck in the full position?

Either the wire from the gauge to the sender is broken or the sender is bad.

What causes Gas gauge is stuck on full tank of a 2000 Ford Taurus?

The gage is broken or the wire is broken or the sensor in the tank is broken or the fuse is blown.

96 Chevy Corsica - Fuel gauge stuck on full when tank is empty.?

fuel sending unit broken wire or gauge is bad

What could cause a 2001 Malibu temperature gauge to be stuck at the bottom?

The temp sending unit may be unplugged or faulty.

1987 Chevy Celebrity fuel gauge stuck?

If the fuel gauge is stuck, the needle never moves, then the gauge has a problem and needs to be replaced.

Gas Gauge on your 1992 Jeep Wrangler doesnt work Its stuck on E no matter how much gas you use. I would like a gas gauge that works. Any help?

check for broken wire from fuel sender unit in fuel tank to gauge. check fuel sender unit for proper operation. float may be stuck in the tank then check fuel gauge

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Chevy fuel gauge stuck?

The fuel gauge on a Chevy may become stuck if the sending unit is defective or become disconnected. Without a signal from the tank, the gauge will not move.

Why doesn't my fuel gusge work on 2000 Chevy venture?

Most of the time it's the fuel level sender in the fuel tank if your gauge moves around a bit but doesn't read correctly. If the Gauge is stuck on full all the time, the gauge itself is broken.

2000 Ford Taurus fuel gauge stuck on full what could be the problem?

either the fuel gauge needs replacing or the fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank is stuck

How do you fix a temp gauge on a 1998 ford contour?

temp gauge is stuck on hot

Why after replacing my fuel pump on my 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo would the fuel gauge not work?

The float is stuck down at the bottom of the tank or you could have a wiring problem.

Why is your gas gauge in a 91 Jeep Wrangler staying at full?

Float in tank is stuck or defective gauge Sounds like the sending unit is stuck in the full position.

Can a stuck thermostat cause a temp gauge not to work?

yes if the thermostat is stuck open the gauge will read low the water or antifreeze will flow straight through the engine and radiater if it is stuck closed it will over heat your car

Why is your fuel gauge stuck on full 97 ford explorer?

The 1997 Ford Explorer fuel gauge can be stuck on fault because the fuel float is malfunctioning in the fuel tank. The fuel gauge fuse might be blown.

1995 GMC 1500 The fuel gauge is stuck on Full you have replaced the sending unit the gauge cluster in the dash and see no bare wires Now what should you check?

Have you checked the fuses? You have an open circut (broken/disconnected wire, blown fuse) somewhere.

What would cause the temp gauge to stay on cold?

Stuck open thermostat. Defective temp sending unit. Broken/disconnected wire or connection.

Honda fuel gauge?

A common problem with Honda cars is that the fuel gauge is stuck on full. This problem is solved by replacing the gauge cluster.

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I have managered to get foil stuck to bottom of convection oven how do I remove it?

Why is 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser fuel gauge stuck in high?

The float is stuck. Try a fuel cleaner or additive.

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What causes temperature gauge in car hot?

StUck in open position

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Beretta gas gauge stuck?

Where is it stuck? on full or empty? if on full you got a bad ground, if empty you got a bad float.

Why would temp gauge in car run cool?

Thermostat stuck open or no stat at all. Faulty temp sensor or Gauge.