Best way to get rid of razor bumps?


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use a 3 or more blade razor with shaving cream!

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put sudocrem on the area honestly it works stop SHAVING ITS BAD FOR YOU!! itll make your sin ichy and expose you pores and you can easily catch a cold or a diesease.

I've heard that when you use Olive Oil instead of shaving foam there will be no bumps.

The fastest way to remove razor bumps is to allow the hair to grow out before shaving again. Also look for something containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, witch hazel or aloe.

you can rub like antiseptic cream on the dont always get cut, its the way you shave, i rarely get cut, you have to shave slow and take your time..

Razor , but micro is best. Get that or a razor pro. Razor All the way

Herpes typically looks much different from razor bumps. The bumps of herpes are smaller than typical folliculitis, and are generally grouped closer together. Razor bumps are normally larger and widespread. See your health care provider for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms, and get screened for STDs at the same time.Herpes typically present as blisters. Sometimes they can present as paper cuts. The best way to determine what you have is to have it cultured by a doctor. That is where they will take a swap of the area and see what grows.

After I take a shower and have razor bumps on my bikini line, or have known to have it other places so I just use baby powder! I swear by it. After moisturizing with lotion from taking shower, shake baby powder to the area. It is kind of messy, getting baby powder on the floor, but it relieves the itchiness and prevents it from getting worse. Also works as a preventive measure. For example if you are already having signs of razor burn/bumps, apply baby powder before you are in the situation that got you there in the first place. I swear by this. I have been using baby powder for razor burn for years. Gold bond is way too abrasive and burns. Baby powder is cheap, safe, and best of all, RELIEF OF RAZOR BURN! After all, why do babies always use it? Diaper rash. So basically yours/my razor bumps are diaper rash! LOLOL

After shaving, raxor bumps can be cause by some hairs that were either not shaved dwn all the way, got irritated with the skin, or became tucked in / ingrown. They can also be cause if the razor nicks the skin, creating small red scabs.

No way mgp is way better

Most of the time if you have it handy shaving cream works the best and take your time. If you already have bumps and razor burns use a mosterizing cream (lotion) without perfems in it and the should disappear in a few days. Just be careful and take your time. :) Another way to stop getting razor burn is to not shave, I personally wax my legs using wax that comes from the grocery store. Waxing lasts longer and takes less time. To touch up after a while just shave using shaving cream. Hope that helps! :)

its just part of the texturing. unless you have REALLY big bumps, in which case you have a glitch. Some people are prone to razor bumps more than others due to their hair type. Generally African American men suffer the most from razor bumps in general to the texture of their hair. Curly haired people suffer more from razor bumps due to the fact that once the hair starts to grow back, the angle that the hair grows from the skin causes the hair to curl or bend back toward the hair shaft causing ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The best way to avoid this is to use a fine scrub before and after shaves, and to keep the skin hydrated and clean. Target carrys a wonderful line called Everyman Jack that is ideal for razor bump prone skin. Some men use a T-Edger and get a close shave avoiding razors all together. Most black men wouldn't touch an electric razor.

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The only way not to get hair bumps on the back of your leg is by not shaving there. No hair grows there anyway & if it does it's so unnoticeable that there's no really no need...

One way is too scrub your arms in the shower hard!!!!! It worked for me

Bumps on legs can be caused by ingrown hairs. The best way to alleviate the bumps is by exfoliation. You can also use glycolic acid to help minimize the bumps and prevent new ones from forming.

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I am a woman and the way i keep my legs smooth is by using pure silk shaving cream and Venus embrace razor. My legs stay smooth up to 4 days. Once you feel stubble, SHAVE! The Venus embrace razor is very 'loyal' For me, it never left razor bumps. Hope this helps.

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