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Between what age ranges should a girl experience her first period?

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Between ages 9-16. If she hasn't started before her 17th birthday, she should probably check with a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. Almost all of us start between 9-12 years old however but some don't start til later.

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What color should your period be?

It ranges from a bright red to a brown rust like color.

Should you experience blood clots when you go to the bathroom?

During your period it is normal to experience blood clots but if you mean when you go to the bathroom and are not on your period, then this is not normal and should be investigated. It is most likely caused by a hormonal inbalance.

Should you feel nauseous during period?

It is very normal to feel nauseous during your period due to the pain you may experience as well as hormones

Period symptoms but no period?

Sometimes during ovulation, (the phase that is in between each period) your hormones can run high and you may experience symptoms similar to that of your period, such as cramps and irritability. If you had the symptoms but skipped the actual bleeding part of your period, you might just be running very late, or could have missed it altogether. If that's the case and it keeps happening you should talk to a doctor.

When should a girl start there period?

Girls usually get their first period between the ages of 11-15.

How long should you not drive after a caccersian?

It really depends on how your recovery is progressing, usually it ranges between 2-6wks. You should always consult your doctor.

Can your period come on when your pregnant?

No, it does not. You may experience spotting sometime around when your period was due (this is the baby digging into the uterus). Any time after that, you should see your OBGYN.

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How long will your period last?

An average period should last between 2 to 8 days,and should occur every 20 to 35 days

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Can you have a period even if your HCG levels are still elevated after a miscarriage?

Yes. This is where timing comes into play. Your first period should be about 28-30 days after the miscarriage - that was my experience anyway.

What should Average weight of a 8 month old boy?

Well, the average weight ranges between 16 and 20 lbs.

If you are over weight what age should you get your period?

Usually between 8 and 12.

If you can still have periods while being pregnant when should you take a home pregnancy test?

Though rare to experience a period while pregnant, you should still be able to get an accurate answer about six weeks from your previous period. My experience is, I took a generic pregnancy test and got a false negative. so I suggest Answer or first response.

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Is it true that after you miscarry that your period only stays on for 2 days?

No. After a miscarriage you will experience what most women describe as "a heavy period". You may also bleed longer than a normal period. I have heard one woman say she bled for two weeks after a miscarriage. Your cycle will then return to normal, and you should experience a normal period as per your cycle - ie 28 days.

How long should I expect to have my period after stopping the depo provera shot?

You should expect to have your period several days after stopping the Depo Provera shot. However, some women don't experience any bleeding until months after stopping it.

What age should girls get there period?

I would say about between the ages of 11 and 13

What does it mean if you have your period then a week later you are bleeding again?

If you have your period and then a week later you are bleeding again it may be a sign of disease or injury. If you experience these symptoms you should make an appointment with your doctor for an examination.

Is it unhealthy if your period lastest more than two weeks?

Yes your period should only last between 4-7 days

When you use the patch without a rest period of the 4th week when should you expect your period?

You probably wont get your period until you take a break from the patch next. Some people will experience breakthrough bleeding around the time you were due to bleed.

You usually experience breast tenderness a week before your period starts This month you should start your period today and still no breast tenderness Could you be pregnant?

Honestly if you haven't got your period and have no symptoms, like breast tenderness yet, chances of you being pregnant are good. But I've also read if you do experience breast tenderness before a period and you miss it, you could still be pregnant.

When should you start taking birth control pills to delay your period?

A couple months prior to wanting your period delayed, some women experience breakthrough bleeding for the fist weeks after starting the pill.

How many days after you start your 7 sugar pills should you get your period?

Between 2 and 4

Does spotting between your period mess up your cycle?

yes, but you should talk to your family doctor.