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It isn't a good idea to just blurt it out, but ask her out on a date and go from there. What you are feeling now is a chemistry (physical attraction) and you need to get to know each other better. Take a deep breath, walk up to her (when she's alone) and ask her out on a date. If it is something bad that you need to tell her that only affects you and is not socially disturbing, then keep it to yourself. On the other hand if it is something nice, like you are "captivated by her beauty" and she is single, walk up to her and just say it. Tell her that you think she is beautiful, stare at her for a few seconds (to see if blushes) and then walk away. 9 times out of 10 she will give you some type of signal that she is just as interested in you (of course after telling her girlfriends - which may up your value). If you had the guts to do that and she brags about it there will definitely be several other girls out that that will appreciate your boldness.
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Q: Bible verse tell her that you love her?
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