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Blinking check engine light on a 1999 Honda accord?


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If your check engine light is blinking that means an engine

cylinder misfire has been detected . You can drive it in for

repair , just avoid any rapid aceleration or deceleration

because you can damage the catalytic converter

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The check engine light on a 2003 Honda Accord will be triggered when something on the engine is malfunctioning. To rid the check engine a light the ECU will need to be reset.

You can reset the 2004 Honda Accord check engine light by removing the instrument light fuse. The location of the fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

A 2000 Honda Accord check engine light will stay on if the ECU is not reset. To reset the light remove the ECU fuse from the engine bay fuse box. Reinsert it after 5 seconds.

There is one, but it's not marked "check engine." It looks like a little engine with a lightning bolt on it.

The check engine light may be flashing on a 1996 Honda Accord if a timing issue is detected or oil pressure is low. The exact cause can be determined by connecting an OBDII code reader.

You will need to access a diagnostic computer to turn off the check engine light on the 2003 Honda Accord. You could also remove the fuse from the dash lights or instrument panel.

Click the link for directions and a diagram.

Check the 1989 Honda Accords timing. If the engine has jumped time then the engine will buck and sputter.

I have a 1990 Honda accord ex and my check engine light the car goes form a high rev to a low rev when I first turn on the car. Is this a vacume line problem or a voltage problem?

ow do you check Honda Accord 2010 temperature?Answer It!In:Uncategorized[Edit categories]

Warning lights on a 2008 Honda Accord include the gas light and the check engine light. There is also lights that come on when doors are open.

Computer has detected a problem with the emission's system.

Fix the problem then you can clear the code.

If the check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

When a check engine light appears on a 1991 Honda Accord the ECU is letting the driver know the engine is sending an error signal. Sourcing out the problem through a diagnostics test will help narrow what could be something as simple as a blown fuse to something as terrible as a blown engine.

You check engine light is signaling to you that there is something wrong with you car. You should have your car looked at by a professional.

The Check Engine Light comes on when the ECU detects a problem with the emissions system.

Light can only be reset by the use of diagnostic equipment.

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