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Bolt pattern of 1987 Chevy Celebrity?


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Please advise which engine and what year Celebrity you have. It's a 2.8L V6

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what is the bolt pattern for a 1987 Chevy silverado

1987 Chevy head bolt torque 2.5L?

No, after 1987 the Caprice switched from the 5x 4.75" to the 5x5"

The bolt pattern for the Chevy Equinox is 5-115.

The bolt pattern on a Chevy Camaro is 5 by 4.75. This means that only wheels with this pattern will fit on this type of vehicle.

1989 2500 6 lug 4x4 silverado chevy, whats the bolt pattern?

Wheels from a Luminna might fit a Celebrity if they have the correct bolt pattern and the wheel itself will clear everything on the car. Kind of a try and see if it works.

GM's bolt pattern has remained consistant over the years. 5-bolt pattern: 5x4.75" 6-bolt pattern: 6x5.5" 8-bolt pattern: 8x6.5"

6-lug... Bolt Pattern is 6x5.5 or 6x139.7

The bolt pattern is 6 on 5-1/2".

All 350's will bolt up to a 2004r if it has the Chevy bolt pattern.

Same bolt pattern for what? For the bellhousing and starter, yes. For just about everything else, no. will have the bolt pattern of the Pontiac, Cadillac, Olds and Buick. Chevy has a different bolt pattern. There are some transmissions that do have the dual bolt pattern, but I don't think the TH 400 was one of them.

bolt pattern of what??????????????????????? the production for Chevy caprice stopped in 96 unless your talking about the Australian caprice, which is not gm.

bolt pattern for these model smaller chevy's is 5x4.75

What is the bolt pattern on 96 chevy silverado 2 wheel drive

The bolt pattern on Chevy engines is unique. There are TH350 transmissions with both the Chevy bolt pattern and the BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) pattern, but they are becoming somewhat rare.

You can if it has the Chevy bolt pattern.

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