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You may want to check the brake lights.Everything runs through the multi-function switch.(the turn signal switch)

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Q: Both Blinkers and emergency flashers not working 95 blazer?
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Are there two flasher relays for a 1996 blazer?

Yep, one for the signals and one for the emergency flashers.

Your 1976 blazer k5 blinkers dont work new flasher FLASHERS WORK STILL NO BLILKERS?

Check the fuses aren't burnt first. Then remove lense and check bulb filaments if fine. Try your emergency flashers to see if they blink, if not THEN replace the flasher unit at the fuse box...easy to replace. Hope this helps.

You bought a 2001 Chev Blazer now 24 hours later blinkers quit working brake lights won't work and if you push on the emergency flashers the headlights come on Help?

check your fuses should be either under the hood on divers side or on the side of the dash(must have divers door open to view fuse box)

Flashers work turn signals dont fuse is good on 1995 s10 blazer-what's wrong?

because there are two diffrent flashers 1 for the flashers and 1 for turn

How do you replace emeregncy flasher 1996 S10 blazer?

Both the emergency and signal flashers are behind the plastic lower dash panel aprox under the radio. The panel must be removed to gain access.

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2004 blazer?

The 2004 Chevrolet blazer emergency brake is equipped with an adjustment bolt. Turn the adjustment bolt to loosen or tighten the emergency brake.

Why do your blinkers stay on and don't blink on your 1997 blazer?

Possibly a defective Flasher Relay. Replace the relay.

How do you get your blinkers to work on an 1991 Chevy Blazer?

If the fuse is good and the bulbs are good, replace the flasher relay.

Where is turnsignal relay for 96 blazer?

The turn signal and emergency light relay flashers are located behind the plastic lower dash panel, aprox under the radio. The lower panel must be removed to gain access.

WHY WON'T THE Turn signals work but flashers do for a 1997 Chevy blazer?

Aren't they different flasher relays

How do you change the signal light flashers on a 1995 Chevrolet s10 blazer?

The signal and 4-way flashers are behind the lower dash panel, aprox under the radio. The lower dash panel must be removed to gain access to the flashers.

How do you check if the flasher is blown on 96 blazer?

There are two flasher relays side by side. One is for the signal lights, the other is for the emergency flashers. They are the same relay so you can swap the two and see if the problem your having changes when you try to operate them.

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