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Q: Brazilin belongs to which phytochemical group?
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What group does a tortoise belong to?

it belongs to the reptile group

What mineral group does Zinc belongs to?

it belongs to the metal group

What is the phytochemical for tomatoes and peppers?

The phytochemical for tomatoes and peppers is, Solanum Lycopersicum.

Cellulose belongs to a group of molecules called?

Cellulose belongs to polysaccharides, a group of carbohydrates.Cellulose belongs to a group of carbohydrate molecules called polysaccharides.

What group does iodine belongs to?

Iodine belongs to group 17. It is in the family called the halogens.

What element does Barium belongs to?

it belongs to the metals group

What group does selenium belongs to?

group P

To which sub-group does the locust belong?

The locust belongs to the reptile group. The sub-group the locust belongs to is, I think, arthropods.

Nitrogen belongs to what family?

apple belongs to the fruit group

Where does celery belongs with which food group?

it belongs with the vegetablesgroup or etheir the fruits but its most likely with the vegetables group

What is Peles other name?

the great brazilin

What family belongs to the krypton?

Krypton belongs to group-18. It belongs to family of noble gases.

What group does the Stegosaurus belong to?

Stegosaurus belongs to the subfamily Stegosaurinae, the family Stegosauridae. Stegosauridae belongs to the suborder Stegosauria, which belongs to the clade Thyreophora. Thyreophora belongs to the order Ornithischia, or bird hipped dinosaurs, which belongs to the group Dinosauria.

Berylium belongs in which group?

Beryllium belongs to the alkaline earth metals. This is the vertical group II of the periodic table.

What group does the bird belong to?

It belongs to the mammal group.

Tenerife belongs to which group of islands?

Tenerife belongs to the Canary Islands.

What group those chlorine belongs to in the periodic table?

Chlorine belongs to group 17 in the table.It is a group of halogens.Chlorine has atomic number 17 as well.

What is the name and number of the group to which argon belongs?

Argon is a noble gas element. It belongs to group 18 and period 3.

What is the differences in physical traits of an individual from the group to which it belongs?

Variation is the differences in physical traits of a individual form the group which it belongs in.

What group or system does Saturn belong to?

Saturn belongs to the galaxy that is called the Milky Way. It belongs to the same group of planets that the Earth belongs to and revolves around the same sun.

Methanol belongs to what organic group?

Methanol belongs to hydroxyl groups (−OH)

Element Nitrogen belongs to what family?

Nitrogen belongs to Group 5 or Pnictogens

What group is halite in?

Halite belongs to the mineral group halides.

What group does tin belong to?

tin belongs to Group 14

What group does helium belong to?

Helium belongs to group 18.