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Q: Brotherhood of the flsgellants in time of black death?
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How was the black death destroyed?

The Black Death wasn't really destroyed, it went away in the fullness of time.

What did medieval people think the black death was?

The black death was an anomaly during its time. It was thought that the black death was some sort of spiritual disease as opposed to bacteria.

What was the conflict with the black death?

If you are asking about what famous war was going on at the time of the Black Death, it was the Hundred Years' War.

When did the black death happen in London?

The black death happened in London along time ago. This goes into the historic.

How come there is no black hand in skyrims dark brotherhood?

The Black Hand appeared in Oblivion, which is set 200 years before the events in Skyrim. Over that time, the Brotherhood has fallen on hard times, they've abandoned the 'five tenets' and many other traditional things, such as the Black Hand.

Who barricaded those who had the black death?

Healthy people who at the time had a specific gene mutation which meant they couldnt get the black death

What diseases were cause of death in 1942?

the black death was a major killer in that time period

Is the black death AD or BC in ancient Rome?

The plague known as the Black Death was a medieval disease and, as far as we know, was not in any way connected to ancient Rome. Ancient Rome did have outbreaks of plague from time to time, but there is not enough evidence to say weather it was the Black Death or not. To answer your question, the Black Death was AD.

Were the crusades and the black death at the same time?

No. The Crusades were from 1098-1291. The Black Death began in 1347 and went on for a few decades after.

When did the black death arrive in europe?

In fall of 1347, the black death arrived in Europe. During this time, the black death ended up killing one third of all the people in Europe.

Who long did the black death last in Europe?

a long time

Who ruled at the time of the black death?

King Edward III

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