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you go to buildabearville go to log in and on the right it will have a not registered yet and you click it then chloe will walk you through it all

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2011-08-06 03:06:45
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Q: do you bring your furry friend to life?
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What do you get if you bring a furry friend to life?

£3000 bear bills, a online furry friend, credits, a room and a pawsome gift such as if you have a wowp bear you get a flying carpet

Where do you put the codes to get a furry friend?

go to the online workshop and press on champ then press bring furry friend to life onlinei don't know don't ask me

How do you make your furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

To register your furry friend online, go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Town Square and click on Champ, the bear standing behind the counter. Click on 'Bring furry friends to life online?', 'I have a birth certificate that has an Animal ID and Key Code for my Furry Friend', and enter the Animal ID and Key Code found on your furry friend's birth certificate.

What is an unused build a bear code id and keycode just put on?

it is a code used to bring a furry friend to life online

Can you have a furry friends code on buildabear please?

=hey people do u want a furry friend code to get one first go to town==square and then go to the work shop and then click on the bear and click on==bring furry friend to life and then put the Id code which is 4584577468767 and the key code which is 16413278516=

How do you register a furry friend without an animal ID or a key code?

seriously, you need to get a life.

When you buy a bear on build a bear do you use the money on the game or real life?

You use money in real life. You have to buy a furry friend at your local build a bear shop. You'll get a birth certificate and at the bottom it will say your ID number and Key code. They'll probably tell you this when you do make an animal. After that you go to the build a bear workshop on the game and then talk to the bear at the counter. Click on him and then click on Bring a Furry Frond to Life. Enter your ID number and key code. There you go now you've got 2000 bear bills an exclusive reward and well of course, you furry friend!!!

What is a animal id?

Its the thing at the bottom of your certificate of your bear. you can use it online at and go to the babw store at town square but you also have to have your key code and bring your furry friend to life!! :) Btw: im Lisapopstar90 in Canada in friendship Forest

Is Any buildabear code to bring a friend to life no one has used?


How old is a senior dog?

5 and older is usually considered "old". Others may say 7 till' the end of your furry friend's life.

How do you get a free furryfrend in Build-a-Bearville in a day?

you cant get a free furry friend you have to go to the real life buildabearville store. and what do you mean in a day???? well bye

HOW you make your imaganary friend come to life in sims 3?

You have to have a high enough relationship with your imaginary friend first. Then some from the science facility asks if you want to bring your imaginary friend to life. When you answer yes, they ask for you to find an unsmelted rainbow jewel/gem and bring it back to them.

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