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First: no, you may not "repo" the car, because you do not have a "security interest" and "security agreement" which gives you permission to do that.

Second: if the buyer "took the car" without paying, it could be a criminal offense (theft, theft by deception, etc) and you can file a police report and let them get it back for you.

Third: if the buyer simply didn't make the payments as agreed, and you don't have a repo right in your loan agreement, and they won't give the car back voluntarily, then you must seek permission of a court (judge) to request the local constable/sheriff/police to take the car back and return it to you as a breach of contract, or as fraud, or whatever your lawyer tells you your facts will support as a claim.

Attempting to "repo" a car without an agreement is called "self-help" and will get you arrested if not shot and sued. Of course, you have a counterclaim for the value of the car that was taken from you and any expenses it costs you to get it back.

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What is the yearly salary for a repo man?

Repossession agents are not typically paid a salary, nor are they typically paid hourly. Repossession is a per unit business. That is, the repo man is paid by the vehicles he recovers. Amounts vary by the individual business.

What if you did not receive a notice in the state of California after your car was repossessed?

HelP my carwS repo theynever sent me anything I lied bk paid the payments for a years Teri thought it was paid for they repo it then never called and never sentme anything after why how can they do that

You won a car and the lien was never paid off by the company can the bank repo it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though you really won a car. The lien just means that the bank has interest in the vehicle until the note is paid. Yes, they can repo the car if the not isn't paid.

Is it hard to start your own repo business?

Any business is hard work to open so a repo business would be hard to open as well.

Can they still put it on your credit report as a repo if you paid off the loan within 24 hours after they took the car in California?

They reported what happened (a repo). Yes!!!! You should have never let it get this far. Take care of your business. Unlike the repo guys who are perfect and never make a mistake we mere humans are mortal and do err from time to time so please bear with us ...painful as it is for you(of course most repo morons couldn't make it as auto wreckers so what does that tell you). Yes lenders will put a repo on your credit regardless of what they may tell you and it stays on.You can write a letter to the credit reporting agency and dispute it.

How long does a paid off car repo stay on your credit report?

7 years from the date of repo.

How do you start a car repo business in new york?

do I need to be bonded in nystate for repo cars

How do you rep a car that was not paid for?

can anyone tell me haow I can repo a car that someoone ha not paid for

What are the Repo business requirements in Florida?

What are the requirements to become a repossesion business in Florida?

What if your car gets reposed on a Saturday?

The repo man will get paid on Sunday...

How may times can a repo company try to repossess your vehicle before just giving up?

Ive never heard of a repo company just giving up, they dont get paid unless they get the car. They will eventually catch the car or have a sheriff come out and help

If the lienholder repos car due to default and you never missed a payment and continue paying off car is that no different than a regular repo?

When it gets to your CR, a repo is a repo is a repo. Theres only one.

How do repo companies get paid - for time hired or commission based on getting the job done?

we are all paid by unit

If a car is repossessed and the loan is paid in full and you get your car back do you still have a repo on your credit report?

IF the lender posts a repo on your CR, you have one. You will have the repo on your credit report, but it should also show up as "redeemed".

What is needed to start a vehicle repo business in California?

Two years work experience under a licensed repo agency within the state of California is required before starting repo business. An exam is to be taken to be a "Qualified Manager" which is required to ?æbe stationed in all branches. A CA business license is required before operation.

What is needed to start a vehicle repo business?

Yoy will need a business license, insurance, a tow truck, a SECURE storage lot, customers- and a knowledge of repo laws in your state. Can of pepper spray is optional.

Can a repo man enter private property without permission?

Yes. The objective of a repo man is to reposess property of people who have defaulted on their loans. A repo man will never ask for permission.

What if repo car never finds car?


In North Carolina can they sue or put a lien on your business for the remaining balance of a car repo?

YES, a lender can get a judgment for the balance owing on a loan after repo.

If creditor received a judgment and you make arrangements to pay the bill can the creditor still repo your car?

"debtors" can never repo cars, LENDERS can, even after you make 'arrangements". As long as you are in "default", they can repo.

How much money is needed to start a small repo business?

alot but not to to much

If a car blocked in can they repo?

yes, but no cars can be moved or damaged in doing so.

What if you have agreed to pay 900 deferred down payment and you can not make payments so they repo car do you get your 1100 you already paid back California?

btw the dealer never got deal bought by a lender because down payment was not paid is partial deposit refundable?

Can the finance company repo your car if you go to jail?

YES, If the note is not paid on time they can. If you want to know what they can and cant do read your contract (all of it) It spells out what would cause them to repo.

How do you get paid for a car some one wants to repo and you know were it is?

i know a vehicle that is wanted for repo and i know where it is located but will i get payed for telling them and around how and who do i call ? thanks i really appreciate it