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by having a sexual intercourse with a man(obviously), a girl can be pregnant. The egg cell is not located in our trachea so it is impossible for a girl to get pregnant by driniking sperm.


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A girl becomes pregnant when a sperm reaches her egg.

Interesting spelling !.. To answer your question - No, a girl cannot get pregnant by drinking sperm!

No, a girl cant get pregnant from sperm on thigh........

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

Sperm cells can get a girl pregnant. There is no such thing as a 'blank' sperm cell.

No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

In order for a girl to get pregnant there must be sperm involved.

If a comdom bust and your sperm is a girl the girl is most likely to get pregnant

No, a girl won't get pregnant by eating sperm. The sperm need to enter the vagina.

girls do not have sperm they have eggs, when the sperm in the semen ( spunk,jizz,cum...) fertilizes the egg succesfully the girl becomes pregnant. she will give birth nine months later on average.

to get a girl pregnant

Penis length has nothing to do with getting a girl pregnant. Ejaculation is what occurs, releasing semen/sperm into the female's vagina. These sperm then fertilize the egg and the female becomes pregnant. A 2 inch penis can get a girl pregnant, as well as a 12" penis as long as he ejaculates.

Sperm from a boy's penis must get inside the girl's vagina during her fertile time of the month. Usually, the penis becomes hard and enters inside the vagina, then the boy's semen, which contains his sperm, ejaculates into the vagina. If the sperm find an egg to fertilize, the girl becomes pregnant with a child. I say usually because the penis doesn't really have to enter inside the vagina to make the girl pregnant. Even a little sperm from the tip of the penis rubbed onto the outside of the vagina could find it's way inside and make the girl pregnant.

A girl cannot get pregnant at any time by ingesting sperm. The only way to get pregnant is for sperm to enter her vagina. Entering her mouth does not do it.

If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

No, a girl can only get pregnant by sperm entering her vagina, not her stomach.

It takes one sperm cell to get a girl pregnant

Yes, a teen girl can get pregnant by one drop of sperm. That is if she has already had her period before.

the girl can get pregnant if the sperm go through the virgina hole

any position that gets the sperm near the vagina can get a girl pregnant.

No,its impossible to get pregnant by licking sperm

a girl can never get pregnant with another girl. you need sperm to fertilise an egg and women don't produce sperm.

Yes, if the sperm is still alive there is the possible chance she can get pregnant.

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